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Thread: March 2018 Update

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    Default March 2018 Update

    Dear Growtopians!

    Let’s celebrate the first month of Spring with an awesome March update! The following new growtastic features await:

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    - Glorious Nature: Rejoice in the natural beauty of our all-new Item of the Month: Will of the Wild! Perfect for swimming, climbing, and firefighting! Give it a try!
    - Reimagined Robotics: On behalf of GrowTech, we proudly present the latest in neuroblockular technology: CyBlocks! The latest advancement from our Grownovation engineers, this feature will allow you to program rare and finely-tuned blocks to follow your commands! They can be installed anywhere in your world and given several types of special orders to follow - experiment to find them!
    - Outstanding Communications: We're happy to introduce 30 unique new Growmojis for you to use! Have fun expressing yourself in a cool new way! Also, available broadcasting colors have been reworked! Check out the forum for more details!
    - Wondrous Walkthroughs: With this update, we also start our new series of video tutorials! Press the Help button in the menu to see first 2 episodes!

    Good luck and enjoy the new features! Share your feedback with us here

    --Your Growtopia Team
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    Default March 2018 Update - Dev Diary!

    CyBlocks have arrived!

    We're really excited about this update, because it's very different from the previous ones we've made. There are no new clothes or pieces of equipment to find here - only lots of crazy robots AND the means to command them! But before we get into CyBlocks proper, let's back up to talk about what inspired us to make them: We've known for a while that you guys are really interested in more and different types of howlers (congrats to those of you who guessed this update would involve them), but adding AI-controlled minions to a game world can be tricky (it's part of why PvE is so tough to do). Facing that problem, we hit on the idea of putting the power to program these creations in your hands! That's where the command system comes from; it's the key to controlling these crazy blocks!

    We don't consider this a replacement for PvE, by the way - that's still something we want to do, but it'll be very different, conceptually, from something like CyBlocks. Instead, think of this update as part of our ongoing desire to allow you guys to get more creative with your own worldbuilding. We really want to unlock new ways of setting up cool levels and parkour mazes, giving your mad scientist side a chance to run wild! Things are going to get nuts with all the possible deathtraps and obstacles you can create now, especially with the ability to set up custom CyBot attack and movement patterns to keep your friends guessing!

    Also, we've been trying to make the content of our updates accessible to all players, so entry-level CyBots should be very easy to acquire, while high-level and more powerful CyBots (and commands) should take a lot of effort, providing something for everyone! What's more, if you guys like this system, there are tons of different places we could take it, from new and improved CyBots to all sorts of different commands. We find it exciting not only for the freedom and control it puts in the hands of builders, but also for its potential to grow!

    Please let us know what you think, and if you have suggestions for improvements and additions to the system, don't be shy! We hope you enjoy this update, and continue to help us make Growtopia better and better!

    --The Growtopia Team



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