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Thread: Nominate your world for WOTD here!

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    Default FIREFIGHTERQUESTS for wotd!

    Be a fire fighter! Help Growtopians in 🔥! 🔥!
    Name:  firefighterquests(3).png
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    World song:firefighter
    Thanks to firefighters who save people in needs /love
    Ignore haters and do your best!

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    Name:  mythicalabyss.png
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    (WORLD:MYTHICALABYSS) (COME TO SEE) [It's not same at picture(better)]
    Goal life
    Win wotd
    Win votw
    Famous youtuber
    Have a girl friend
    Make profit
    Talk with ubidev
    Interview ubidev
    10k subscriber goal (now 101/10000

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    Name:  lockedfridge.png
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    Hi everyone! I'm glad to show you my first world for the WOTD trophy

    Story: Oh no! You locked yourself inside a fridge and you should get out! you can jump in rotten cheese, pass a straw to enter a drink, pass through ice cream, and even eat the food to pass inside it!


    +I put Zombie and Punch jammers

    +I tested the world, i found that no access or abilities needed to pass it, i dont know if this is still a requirement like the old WOTD worlds, but i did it.

    +I made it perfectly look like a fridge, like the weather, food, and even the passwords!

    IGN: Redzeno

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    Hi guys, this world was made a long time ago and it didnt win wotd because its not very impressive but its worth a shot posting it anyway.

    - Punch Jammer
    -Zombie jammer
    -Castle pixel art
    -Cloud pixel art
    -Crown Pixel art
    -Snowy Night weather machine

    Render: Name:  heavenpalaces.png
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Size:  210.5 KB

    Hope I can win for once!

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    Cool Island Of Durt
    Hello, I'm nominating my world ISLANDOFDURT for WOTD!
    -Interesting story
    -Antigravity Generator
    -P and Z Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Background
    I have never won a WOTD, so I decided to try to publish this world, maybe I’m lucky.... HE HE...

    Thanks for all supportName:  islandofdurt.png
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    Cool PACARAN (Indonesian date world)

    Umm Its not a parkour sorry :')  pacaran.png
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    Find the maze to get ur loved heart :')

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    Default Sunk

    I have never gotten a WOTD before so I really wish I will get it! World is half pixel art and half parkour, making it 2 times more fun!

    The story: You are on Vacation and on a ship and you are sleeping. Suddenly you hear a LOUD noise that woke you up from your deep slumber. This tells you that there was SOMETHING WRONG with the ship. Water began to rush in. You realised that the ship is sinking and realise that you have to escape the ship in order to SURVIVE! It’s up to you and the other survivors near you to escape the ship.

    - Zombie Jammed! (So that you can parkour in peace!)
    - Punch Jammed! (So that you can parkour in peace!)
    - Snowy Night Weather (To add into the mood)
    - Pineapple Guardian (So that no one can feed you anything bad)
    - Pixel Art (Enjoy both the parkour and the art)
    - Checkpoints (So that you don’t have to restart the whole parkour)
    - Firehouse (So fire won’t affect the parkour)
    - Song (To add to the intensity and mood)
    - Cool and Original Design (To Enjoy!)
    - Tips (To help you if you are stuck in a specific spot)
    - Story continues though the parts of the parkour!
    - Secret Letters (Makes parkour more fun and interesting and grants you extra rewards)
    - Wings not really needed (Parkour is mostly water so :3)
    - World Render (To see and to know what will happen in the parkour)

    Name:  sunk.png
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    Default WOTD Attempt World-3

    Prepare for the summer war, take your best shield and weapon. Go down from the balloon, then defeat all your enemies and become the best summer battler. Or just relax by drinking ice cream with your friends, while looking at fish swimming in a fish tank in the hangouts room. This may be a tremendous war in the history of Growtopia. I present

    Name:  summerbattler.png
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    Deathmatch game world based on last standing person, with themed summer. You only have 6 minutes to win this battle. Also watch out for the hungry sharks around the ocean, they could prey on you. Or be careful with dangerous venus plants around the beach area.

    Many thanks to Manitopia's for help in the development process. World inspired by the previous WOTD winner of world FORTNITE.
    Defush | Level 93 | 2016 Player

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    Talking [TAY] for WOTD!

    Dear @Devs and @Mods,

    Ever wondered how to be wicked? This Devil school is filled with loads of BOOBY TRAPS!
    Get ready to experience a whole new level of Dark Witches education.
    Who will emerge at the TOP?

    Special Thanks to all my admins for making this world possible!

    World name: JMS
    Owner: ILorE

    Render world: Name:  Growtopia World - JMS.png
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Size:  392.4 KB
    IGN: ILorE
    Level: 51

    Quote: Never forget your inner child.

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    Post HEROICRACES WOTD nomination!

    Name:  heroicraces.png
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    Hi there, i want to introduce third WOTD attempt...

    Description: Welcome to Heroic Races! this where place you can claim powerful dragon in Dragon city! This is a monthly event on " Dragon city ". So, you're in a group with 8 Dragon master, beat against dragon master. Reach or finishing every node with unique mission! also you can get prize depends on your position! with 60 minutes time...

    Mission in every node!
    Node 1 : Get this item by feeding your dragon!, Get this item by collect gold from habitats!
    Node 2 : Get this item by fight encounter dragons!
    Node 3 : Get this item by collect food from farms!
    Node 4 : Get this item by PVP on league!
    Node 5 : Get this item by Breed two dragons!, Get this item by hatching dragon eggs!

    There have a nine Cybot ruining of this world..

    All reserved from Dragon city games.. also you can check here for info Here.

    * special thanks to...

    • CernodileHD with amazing "Cernodile Tools - Worlds planner" you can check his thread here or link for tools here.

    • Dragon city Games, where i got inspired from here.. with pixel art too.. ( High Resolution Dragon in "Heroic race - Pixel art" )

    • My friends Sripo and ZzzTopiazzZ!

    Jammer : Punch and Zombie, Guardian pineapple, weather machine - backgrounds (the darkness)..

    This world is not a regular race like kyderby or anything else, please mention that..
    Last edited by Electrolava9; 06-11-2018 at 07:25 AM. Reason: i forgot to tell this world has jammer thought
    Most likely : Glitchyderby, Growtechmania

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    Default SURFPARK for WOTD

    I got my account back now Im not breaking any rule because you needed to post it with ur original one!

    After some months I would like to introduce you my world SURFPARK a proyect that took me over 1 month to finish, PS: The Phoenix Wing Pixel Art is ORIGINAL I made it by my own.

    I would like to nominate my world SURFPARK for a WOTD, you will love it! Here's a brief introduction and description about it!

    About the World:
    This world isnt a parkour, in the world you will notice that passages will be closed (Secret Passages), don’t worry because the world was pre-checked and its all about because the world its kinda a mystery passages parkour world!

    “El Caleuche” typical Legend from Chiloe, South Chile. Its all about a boat, yes a boat that apears in the night and picks out drowned people in the ocean. It has 2 type of passengers magitians and the people picked from the boat that was in the sea, the passangers make partys once a year on the town of Chiloe.

    Timmy a guy from the town will join you in your trip telling you all about Chiloe and about the Legend, the goal is to find the shipwreck boat.

    Credits: Thanks GodOfDeath2 for fixing grammar spelling, Fuzeds for helping me with the ideas 2 months ago, World designs and made by Carbonide, not song credits because it has military radios , Hope you enjoy!

    Name:  20274008-F429-408B-87C5-B22C774DA483.png
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    Default ATARI for wotd

    Name:  image.png
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Size:  221.9 KBI would like to nominate ATARI for wotd.
    The word Atari is also known for arcade games, home video games and home video game consoles. And it's a perfect name for a world with a game generator.

    Game generator
    Zombie jammer (punch jammer intentionally not placed)
    Fire house
    Nice overall design
    Used the 4 teams logos as design: purple penguin, yellow yaks, red rabbits and blue bombers
    Summer blast

    Thank you

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    I'll nominate my world:
    Attachment 194906

    It is a sequal of my previous WOTD: ABLACKCHRISTMAS. The sequal is requested many times.
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    Default My old world that I maked in jungle update year ago.

    hope this is good
    Name:  jungledreaming.png
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    Hello Guys! time to enjoy the pineapple weeks !
    I Nominate my Pinetowns for wotd, This world is adventure you can enjoy with your friends.

    Name:  pinetowns.png
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    I nominate 4Theme for Wotd!

    This world is adventure, they have 4 types of event's 100% people enjoy this world.
    I hope you will enjoyed in this world !

    Name:  4theme.png
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    Cool Island Of Durt
    Hello, I'm nominating my world ISLANDOFDURT for WOTD!
    -Interesting story
    -Antigravity Generator
    -P and Z Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Background
    I have never won a WOTD, so I decided to try to publish this world, maybe I’m lucky.... HE HE...

    Thanks for all support
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default RayaEvent For Wotd!

    This World I Build For people discover adventure about hari raya event,in my country hari raya is a celebration,but yeah i hope all people love it,don't forget to visit it.Story line: You wake up early to back to your hometown with your friends but while that some challenge and troubles come happend to you! Hey Take A look! My Render,Sorry If Any mistake i do....i am new on forum...haha sorry...

    Name:  rayaevent.png
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    Default JAW

    Challenging parkour, relaxing music and effort/time spent in it!
    IGN: Edmush | Level: 79 | 9.2k hours played

    23 WOTDs

    #AIRANCIENTS Guild Master

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    It's a world based of the Granny Horror Game.
    Find all 5 keys and escape the Granny's house! The house is full of traps!
    Players can also choose to be Granny and try and stop others from leaving the house by punching them

    Name:  grannytopia.png
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    Lightbulb Some of my worlds...

    Explore the Greek underworld and see the story of Orpheus and Eurydike in new key in this world!


    Also find out what caused the mess in Homie's headquarters!


    And of course show your skills finding the treasure fighting the opposite sides.


    Thanks for your attention!
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