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Thread: April 2018 Update: Guild and Security

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    Default April 2018 Update: Guild and Security

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    Good day, Growtopians!

    April has arrived, and Guilds are coming with it! Use the all-new Guild Lock to create private Guild Worlds with your friends, work together to advance your Guild, and win mighty potions (and a bunch of other cool Guild-only items)! The keys to these kingdoms are yours for the taking, noble Lords and Ladies of Growtopia.

    Also, now you can Improve your account security by enabling Advanced Account Protection in the personal settings screen. Make sure to do that if you want to keep your account safe.

    And more videos are coming to our YouTube channel! Subscribe and watch our latest Guild Growtorial video!

    We bid thee farewell! Good luck and enjoy!

    - The Growtopia Team
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    Wow, guilds! This is a great feature, and one we've been really eager to release. We've been discussing the addition of guilds off and on for months now, and we know you guys have, too. The thing is, we didn't just want to have guilds for the sake of it - we wanted them to have real meaning, and in true Growtopia fashion, provide a foundation you could build on for even greater things!

    With that in mind, please consider this the first part of what will be ongoing efforts to bring more interesting group activities to the game. We already have some really cool contests you can engage in on your own and with guildmates, and we'd like to try to add more opportunities to cooperate and compete like this. Growtopia is already a place to hang out with your friends, make new allies (and enemies!), and build something great together, and the point behind guilds is to reinforce that awesome sense of community. We want guilds to be a place to cement your friendships and build amazing things as a team, and we hope you'll have a blast doing it.

    Please let us know what you think of the feature, and have fun building the best guild in all the worlds!



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