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Thread: DESTROY Guild is now RECRUITING!

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    Default DESTROY Guild is now RECRUITING!

    Destroy Guild is a guild of dedicated farmer who choose to farm every single day. Today were inviting you to send your application by replying on this thread.

    We managed Level 3 Guild as of now and Turning Level 4 we only need 500k exp to level up.

    so if you are dedicated farmer and if you feel you belong to us, dont hesitate to apply now Have a nice day growtopian

    Have Problem? Email Support team :

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    Default Guild

    IGN: Jy0tika

    Made account 56 days ago and have over 180 hours logged since then. I just reached lvl 50 this week, and farm tons everyday. (about 2-3 hrs)

    I posted in the last thread, would love to join. Any questions, either ask me or msg me in game.

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    DESTROY guild logo is a T-Rex?
    So cool
    IGN : Scorpioo

    SSP Vend World Name : AUAUA

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    ign: nonosomeone
    lv: 70
    days played: 855
    farms alot
    Ign: nonosomeone
    Got scammed: About 2dls from other players
    Total lost of wls from growtopia events: About 10dls
    Total gain of wls from growtopia events: About 5dls
    Goals: To get G pick ( already have Feyes)
    To get thingamabob from surgery ( DONE 15/5/2018 )



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