Hey. It’s Arman (Grey) here for now, not Mutzy.

First of all, Guilds is a great implementation and thanks to Ubisoft for taking their time to Implement into Growtopia “BUT” there is this thing. They made it so that the whole thing is about SPENDING our TIME and our GEMS / Money / World Locks. Okay, that’s how all games work but.. WE GET “NOTHING” in return. That’s stupid and a waste of our and dev teams’ time. We SPEND SPEND SPEND and get a Wizard Hat in return. Cool!

Please give us PVP since you want PVE but it’s hard for you guys to Implement it. Give us a PvP that we have to pay a certain amount of gems and earn more gems than what we spent (if we win the PvP). Basically it’s a casino but it depends on your clothing, consumables and PvP skills). There will be guild wars instead of the crappy “Farm for points” challenges. For such a challenge “PvP-inv”, less wealthy Guilds would be able to get a higher chance to succeed and people wouldn’t spend 100DL for 5Wl-5Dl worth of stuff.

PvP = Easy to Implement / fun for players (rather than nolife farming) / new way to earn gems and XP (personal and for Guild).

Please consider this. I won’t make a detailed suggestion on this since this probably won’t get added but at least you might get inspired.

Also, to forumers: Please suggest what can be done to re-place the noLife farming challenges and stuff.