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Thread: May 2018 Update - B.O.O.

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    Default May 2018 Update - B.O.O.

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    Hello Growtopians!

    May is here and we have plenty of new stuff for you!

    • There's something strange in our neighborhood!
      So we’re gonna call…. YOU!
      That’s right - the Battlers of the Otherworldly are hiring again! More powerful ghosts have breached our dimension, bringing even cooler rewards! Get your Spectral Goggles ready!
    • Speaking of scanning, this month GrowTech proudly presents: The GrowScan 9000! Our top scientists have created this item to provide players with a wealth of information about blocks and items placed in their worlds, including their locations! Hurry and get your hands on this breakthrough invention! Available this month only!
    • Oh, and don't forget to visit the Ringmaster and the Legendary Wizard, as we've added some new quests!
    • Finally, we're proud to present a brand new video series: "The Features"! Check out the first two videos - covering Fishing and B.O.O. - here.
      We'll soon be adding this new video category next to the Growtorials in-game! Stay tuned!

    Update 02/05/2018

    Boss Ghost fight changes
    • One person can pull the boss now
    • When the boss is in the containment field, it can still be pulled by players

    Dark Spirit Board tweak
    • The Dark Spirit Board will not break until the boss ghost is summoned
    • After the summon, the Dark Spirit Board has an 80% chance to break

    EctoJuicer Fix
    • A bug has been fixed - the effect now only affects the player who consumed the EctoJuicer, and not all players who won the fight.

    As always feel free to share your thoughts and your feedback here.

    - The Growtopia Team
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    Ah, this is a fun one! We've been wanting to tackle ghosts for a while now, and judging by your comments and feedback, so have you! This update is intended to give a bit more life (ha!) to our special specters, with more variety in what they can do, what you can do with them, and, of course, the loot they can get you. We also wanted to try working in a cooperative battle activity, which you'll see in the form of the Boss Ghost. This isn't our PvE update, by the way, but it's another chance for us to take notes and learn more about how it might work through thematically similar activities and systems. Another building block, if you will.

    Along the way, we also found some time to tackle a few other areas that needed love, adding updates to Legendary and Ringmaster Quests, as well as the oft-asked ability for owners to join their world even if it's full. All of the above, plus a sprinkling of other minor tweaks (including additions to Cinco De Mayo, coming soon), should make for a great May!

    Let us know what you think, and enjoy!



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