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    Lightbulb ~Phan’s Suggestion Box~

    I would love some feedback on my suggestions either to improve them or add to it or criticized them feel free:), and these suggestions are made for fun, I know they wouldn't add much flavor to the game, hopefully, I can put details to it and not make it bland

    1-Hoodie( Added on Paw 2018 Day 1 )

    Description: Feeling little chilly? Well have this hoodie to help you keep warm

    Thoughts: honestly we need hoodies like the Rayman hoodie so the more the merrier, and has many different colors to it would be cool

    2- Dubstep Shoes (Added on Paw 2018 Day 4)

    Description: Having a blast but without music well use these and dance

    Thoughts : Well these are basically like party blaster but in Shoe-form, and play a different tune, maybe add when you dance a neon color comes out of it , and have sound waves coming off the bottom when you jump, and makes everyone near you dance

    Concept for it
    Name:  9839BD53-5F3D-424F-935A-C77095A1E723.png
Views: 1438
Size:  8.8 KB sorry for bad quality

    3- Horns of Infinity(Added on Paw Day 7)

    Description : The Gods have bestowed you with the ability of to run fast as lighting like literally and Shine in the darkness

    Thoughts : These horns alternate between the colors white and black which allows it to have speedy mod and glow in the dark
    Concept for it
    Name:  ADC00D79-EB87-46FC-80FC-CC97C1E573D5.jpeg
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    Or this
    Name:  FA493091-49AC-4BB1-9BC8-46EEF554340B.jpeg
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Size:  8.0 KB

    4- Hammers of Vokun

    Description : The demon have given you the hammers of vokun which you hear it whispering to you but you ignore it

    Thoughts : These Hammers would be Dual-Wield and would give the ability to have small random writings following you and the ability to break 2 blocks at the same time like rayman fist but less effective i think we would need this ability so i guess why not
    Concept for it
    Name: (3).png
Views: 1428
Size:  21.6 KB Credits to AQW

    5- Salesman Bag

    Description : You have found locke’s lost bag and by how greedy you are you wont return it

    Thoughts : i heard of this idea alot so i would like add to it , So basically these will help you sell items like a vending but you are the vending machine for example i want to sell an rare item in a trade world I just use it and put it in set the price and everyone who wrench you can see it and whether they buy it or not the wls automatically goes to your bag and ready to be collected.

    Concept for it

    It would like a normal bag but has a Worldlock on it

    6-Dreamcatcher ( Added on Paw 2018 Day 6)

    Description : Woah by placing this in your world it becomes even more luckier granting you 1-5 % to have more fruits dropped from trees

    Thoughts : i know this could be OP but i recommend it first be expensive and limit how many they are in a world but i think i could change the functionality later with feedback
    Concept for it
    Name:  dreamer.jpg
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Size:  12.2 KB
    7- Victory Wings

    Description : These wings fills you with determination and have the ability 1-5% to have better chances for better rewards in Crime , Geiger

    Thoughts : i thought this would functionality will be good i dont know seems over-powered maybe Crime only or Geiger only either one , need your feedback on this
    Name: (1).jpg
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Size:  10.4 KB

    8- Leviathan

    Description : You have Awaken this Sea Monster , and it seems as it likes you which it lets you to ride on it's back and fly through the seas

    Thoughts : i really like this one it would be a enormous sea dragon bluish and greenish color and gives you the ability to walk on water for 10 secs and be faster on water as well have a gliding effect
    Concept for it
Views: 1446
Size:  63.4 KB

    9- Amber Necklace ( Added on Paw 2018 Day 6 )

    Description : You have crafted a beautiful pure chroma amber necklace with this you have 10% chance of getting double extracts during fossil extraction

    Thoughts : this necklace would look like the Emerald/Amethyst but a Amber color and a golden chain , great function to

    Concept for it
    Name:  0D8C64A1-3395-4FF2-8C9C-0AEF75187752.png
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Size:  7.0 KB
    10- Ring of Nature (Added on Paw Day 7)

    Description: This Ring has improved your luck in getting 10% extra seeds when breaking blocks, while the essence of nature is following you

    Thoughts: Idk if this is op or not but anyway it would good to have this specific ability to an item, and the special effect of this item would be a green aura around your hand and glowing

    Concept for it
    Name:  D24A4BA4-E919-4B16-B418-BDFCD3FD674F.png
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Size:  11.5 KB
    11-Luminous Eyes(Added on Paw 2018 Day 5)

    Description: Looking through these eyes you see Squares and Triangles but mostly crystals and gives you more chances to find crystals when using a geiger

    Thoughts: I think people would love this type of item and really gain popularity you could make it like flame eyes by much more crystallized and have a purplish color to it

    12- Cyborg’s Mask

    Description : Um... How are you able to see through this mask oh well at least it gives you the ability to shoot lazers as well have Double the Range!

    Thoughts : Also i think it should have a death animation when you respawn mechanical parts fall apart from your body like Cog wheels and Gizmos, I personally would love if this mask existed and how it would look like a Full on face mask with one eye in the middle of it which glows.
    Name:  2E1EBABB-126E-42F8-9757-A24BBBEFB3AB.jpeg
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Size:  16.1 KB
    Credits to the Owner

    13-Weather Machine- Aurora

    Description : is a beautiful natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen various regions but now you behold it under your control

    Thoughts : This Might be my favorite idea ever it would have like various colors in the sky where its similar to wolf weather where it disappears and reappears after a few secs
    Concept for it
    Name:  20A9B20D-6853-406A-A44C-DB3BE53A5F3A.jpeg
Views: 1217
Size:  103.5 KB

    14- Surgical Tool Bag

    Description: Having troubles with holding your tools, Well Don't Worry!! Use this bag to store your tools in and have more space

    Thoughts : So this would have the same design as Surgical toolbox but its a hand item where you store your tools in so it doesn't take space in your inventory, you just double equip it to open it and store it in, so if you wanted to take the tools out, you simply press on the tool and take it out Reminder only (Surgical Tools are allowed to go in no other item) and becomes untradeable if it has tools inside, so you need to take all the tools out to become tradeable again, Plus if you don't have available space in your inventory it won't allow you to take the tools put unless there's empty space.

    15-Inner Eye

    Description : Looks like you have awakened your third eye by this, Your Wisdom arises to become even better having 5% Chance for TRIPLE XP

    Thoughts : This would be a face item , and would look like the normal growtopian eye but the pupil changes color based on the last colored block you broke i think this would be a really cool item indeed, you could the lower chances if you want or change the mechanic of it.

    16-RedPanda / Panda

    Description for RedPanda : Becareful to handle this guy’s Cuteness to the extreme

    Description for Panda : Aren’t these guys going extinct ? Well be sure to take care of them

    Thoughts : Well dont get me wrong but seeing these pets in growtopia would be so cute , And Choose whatever you want, if it should be a leash , rideable to be added and i been looking foward for these guys to come (Hopefully)

    17- Weather Machine - Cherry Blossom

    Description : You world just got so much prettier with this , and the smell is fantastic

    Thoughts : How Great would this be as a weather , No comment

    Name:  BCE5AD82-8719-461A-9B38-69CCB1E4DEFF.jpeg
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    __________________________________________________ ___

    Suggested Features

    1-Removing Multiple Friends/ignored at Once

    How would it work: Beside every name, there will be a checkbox which you can check it and couples other to remove them at once, also removing ignored people at once, it would be an efficient and much easier way to do

    2-Knowing What Worlds you have Accessed to

    How would it work: When Wrenching Yourself and Scrolling down to your own worlds, you would see other worlds colored in Green are the worlds you have accessed not necessary own it

    3-Buying Multiple Store items at once

    How would it work: When Selecting an item in the store, it would ask you to buy 1 of it or Multiple items of it if yes it will pop-up a screen telling you how many you need at once

    4-Eye Contacts( Added on Paw 2018 Day 6)

    How it would work: They will be different kinds of eye contacts in store featuring some common, uncommon, rare etc plus it will be like a new clothing slot so you could wear it , You could have all the different colors plus a few textures to it like Devil contacts or Snake Contacts Or Cat Contacts so on . This is really high requested Feature to be implemented in the game

    5- Clothes Dye

    How it would work : Basically same thing as hair dye mechanic but there will be a pack in store called the Dyeing Machine which is a Washing Machine where you wrench it and put the item you want to dye for example a T-shirt and add the Red Cloth Dye inside which tints and actually shows you how it will look like when taking it out and there will be an item called Vanish Dye to remove the dye out of it to return back to normal and so on plus this is highly requested feature needed to be implemented Note: this will not work on Wings, Leashes, Hand-Items only Shirt, Pants, Hats, Accessories, Shoes

    6- Favorite Worlds(Added In PAW 2018 Day 2)

    How it would work : You can now Favor a world that you like or the ones you own in the world selection screen as a new category by simply wrenching yourself in that world and have an option below your worlds to like to add it in the favorite category and to remove it just go to that world and wrench yourself there will be an option to un-favor it and it will be removed.

    7- New Quests (The Sorceress)

    How it would work : Since Quests have been the best Rewarding + Achieve-worthy thing in growtopia why not add more of it, its like the difficulty between Carnival rings and Legendary Items not too easy also not too hard where you basically go to a New NPC called The Sorceress a female witch where she would be either created by a recipe or have an monthly event where she would spawn in so these quests will contain new set of items magical items mostly Staff’s and Gizmos that help you in any way and would have 15 Steps I think this will add a whole alot feel of accomplishment to you to collect all the items, would be untradeable and she would have a special way to even earn growtokens by aiding her the items she needs in 1 Day or else she won't give you them and changes her requirements I think she would give at least 5-10 Growtokens and it should be hard to even earn 5-10 tokens.

    8-Customized Portraits

    How it would work: Well these are like Guild flags but in portrait-form, you would wrench it and add the necessary paints/patterns to do it I think this will add more variety and creativity towards worlds and make them even more unique with infinite ways to decorate your world with it, and the way to obtain those portraits could be also from Crime as Self-Portrait or Surgery? Also, it would connect if you put 2 (Customized Portraits) near each other that would be super cool.

    9-Blacklisted Players

    How it would work : Since Feature has Pros and Cons to it, but lemme explain what is it first so when you wrench a player in your own world there will be an option to black list this person (Double Confirmation) after you do it this player is banned from this world and can never return back unless the owner removes his name from the world lock after that he/she can enter the world normally again so Pros- Reducing Scammers , Spammers within the world, Cons - Could possibly used as a scam in any way.

    10-Search Box in Inventory

    How it would work : There will be a search box above the info tab when pulling up the inventory and you can actually search what item you want to look for, just to find it more easily and when you search it, the item would get highlighted in your inventory to do with as you wish drop , recycle , trade

    11-Recipe Book / Kiosk

    How it would work : There Should be an option either in Start Menu or Profile Menu OR Becomes entirely a new item whatever works but it would add on Splice-able recipes only as you splice the seeds together it will add on to the recipe book and when you open it , it shows you the items you have spliced before so you click on the item that you have forgotten how to make it and shows you what 2 seeds you need and so on.

    -These may change in the near future based on your feedback and thanks for reading :) , AND HOPEFULLY some of the items and features gets added if so im gonna be the happiest guy ever since PAW is my favorite event ever
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