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Thread: June 2018 Update - Seasons & Super Pineapple Party

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    Default June 2018 Update - Seasons & Super Pineapple Party

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Summer is finally here! Get your cool shades on and tanning oil ready, because it's time to celebrate the season with our hot-hot June Update!

    • Pineapple Party has rolled up! Splice the unsplicable, grow pineapples and eat them! Can't eat more? Don't worry - there will always be someone to throw another one at you!
    • New seasonal events have landed with our first four-month extravaganza: Summer Clash! Help out GrowTech during their weekly anomaly hunts, earn seasonal tokens to unlock rewards, and work with your guild for even more prizes! Go your own way with our milestone prizes or battle it out for leaderboard fame!
      • Multiple rewards trees are available, and you’ll have to participate in events as much as you can over the four months of the Summer Season in order to unlock all the prizes! Note that the ultimate reward of the season will not be tradeable, but do not worry - it'll be something quite unique!
    • Item of the Month: Ever wondered what it's like to be in someone else's shoes? What about... a DINOSAUR'S?
    • Make sure to share your best pineapple moments with us and don't forget to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to take part in giveaways and stay tuned for more cool content!
    • Scan a little longer! Because we revised the GrowScan 9000's functionality to make it closer to its original intent, we've decided to leave it in the store for TWO more days to allow any of you who were hoping for that feature to get it. We didn't think it would be fair to make it better right after it cycled out of the store, so now's your LAST CHANCE to get one!

    As always don't forget to share with us your feedback here

    -The Growtopia Team
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    Let the games begin!

    This is a really important update, because it's intended to achieve several goals. First, we wanted to make our weekly events better and incorporate your feedback on them. Second, we wanted to create a feature that was intended to last for the long-term, something that would become a multi-month endeavor, so you guys wouldn't be quite so hungry for the next month’s release after a handful of days (though July is going to be awesome – we just started building it and we're already super excited about it). Third, we wanted to make this about more than just guilds by providing unique prizes for solo players as well as cooperative ones.

    So what is Summer Clash, exactly? In short, it's a set of weekly contests that will run for four months. All of them will involve doing things you already know (like this weekend's event, Block Bashers), and everyone should be able to participate by using GrowTech's handy anomalizers in each. Part of the intent of these is to level the playing field a bit and ensure that if you want to participate, you can, but it's opt-in, rather than forced on you. We also learned from our last seasonal attempt that simply having a giant leaderboard wasn’t fun, because it encouraged you guys to kill yourselves for unknown prizes. Well, the leaderboards are back, but we've reduced their importance, and alongside them, we've added weekly Milestone rewards, with fixed point values needed to unlock each stage, different tiers and prizes for guilds and solo players, and clear rewards for everything.

    While you can absolutely earn some unique prizes from these milestones (those summer reward tiers are hiding some cool things, and each rank’s prize pool is completely different!), the common reward at all levels (and for most of the leaderboard winners) will be Summer Tokens. These can be used in our other big feature, which is the Summer Reward Tree. In short, you're going to get access to five branches of rewards, with two to start and new ones coming out each month thereafter. You can tackle these in the order you'd like, and unlocking each stage will require Season Tokens. The rewards get better and better the deeper you go into each branch, but note that these are balanced around the assumption that it’s going to be a four-month effort! That means it'll be really, REALLY hard to get everything, but for those who do, you'll unlock access to the fifth branch, which has some rather legendary contents…

    We've also decided to add something we argued about a lot: the ability to buy Summer Tokens directly. Whoa! Hang on! Those pitchforks are not needed, because we absolutely didn't make this pay2win. We'd actually prefer you guys engage in the game and have fun for months, not blow a ton of cash, play with your new toys for five minutes, and then leave until the next update, because Growtopia is, as I've said before, about a community, and it therefore doesn't exist if you're not around to be part of it. At the same time, we wanted to provide a solution to the problem of players being juuuust short of a branch prize and not wanting to wait (or worse, not having any more events) for more tokens. So yes, you can buy tokens, but it's only intended as a catching-up mechanic, and our daily spending caps will make it very, very difficult to unlock everything at once even if you really do want it all upfront.

    In the end, what we've introduced here is meant to be a choose-your-own-adventure of prizes, with as level a playing field as we can manage, a heavier focus on items and clear goals rather than the uncertain madness of the old leaderboards, and a reason to keep coming back, week after week, even if there isn't a brand-new update waiting for you. We hope you'll enjoy it!



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