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    I tried a few famous casinos to “test” them and see if they are scams. Most aren’t when I drop 1WL but when I drop 5WL they take it and I never see it again. Also, more than once, I see people getting banned and losing DLs (hundreds of world locks!) and that’s a BIG problem! If casinos are going to be legal, losing DLs will become even more common than it is now.

    WARNING: Casinos in real life are MADE to make it more likely for you to lose your money. It’s how they profit!! That’s why GT doesn’t wanna encourage it because kids play this game and then they will lose their money when playing casino in real life meh.
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    You have to really try to get cursed by /go:ing to a casino, since people that leave right away won't get affected at all, even if the world was nuked. There's time to leave, you just screwed up.
    I don't play this anymore

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 ------------------- know?


    I ever get Cursed just 0,5 sec ago I did /go and then I go to the HELL, I reported but it is useless. Just Be Careful next time...

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    lol whos the psycho that agrees to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyMly View Post
    I hate getting cursed when playing or doing random /go's
    Lost 3dls because SHADOWSURFER ban a TeamSON
    It will devour the game if it becomes legal again.

    9/10 Sb's you will see will be about casinos

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    Casino should be made legal, reasons as follows:

    "So many thousands of players have gotten extremely upset, or quit the game, as a result of casinos (both by being scammed, and simply by losing legitimately)."
    Before someone even place a bet, he/she should be aware of the consequence(s) of losing and should be mentally prepared for it, being upset/quitting the game is the result of their poor decision such that no one could be blamed and shouldn't affect the operation of casinos.

    "Growtopia is a game. Its primary purpose is to entertain and make people happy"
    Casino/gambling is part of entertainment industry which serves to make people happy, provided that they are matured enough to be responsible for their actions.

    Some argue that children may get involve in betting which is unhealthy for their growth, however the gaming industry is available in almost every part of the world, they would get accessed to gambling sooner or later in their adulthood. In fact it is beneficial for them to get a taste of it in the virtual world then in real life as they would learn to be responsible for their actions and most probably refrain from betting once they have been taught a lesson. At most they would quit the game however doing so in the real world may result to even suicide, it is better for them to feel the impact of gambling addiction in a virtual world I would say.

    Furthermore, gambling does provides entertainment to people who knows how to manage their wealth and are matured enough to draw boundaries. It also acts as a source of income to operators of casino and the players in the industry.

    My suggestions:
    - Growtopia team to legalise a few players who are experienced and matured to run a few official casino worlds.
    - Come up with terms and conditions for the player to accept before entering those worlds, should they choose not to accept, they would be barred from entering by the system.
    - Enables parents to bar their child from entering those worlds through an option in the parental control.

    All the above are just some of my personal thoughts and feelings regarding this widely discussed issue, I do not receive any benefits neither am I related to any casino in growtopia.

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    Casinos are illegal for a certain reason! Always check where you go, before actually going in! Once you spot a casino world, report it using /report and the reason and exit IMMEDIATELY! Thread closing!



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