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Thread: Summer Clash Dev Diary and Heads-Up!

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    Default Summer Clash Dev Diary and Heads-Up!

    Hello, Growtopia!

    We've had another fun weekend of feedback and data to review, and I'm back with a bit more info on what we're thinking and how we're evolving the Summer Clash events. First, I have an update on the compensation for the anomarod bug from this past weekend! After much review and data collection, we were able to retrieve and parse all the store records for those who bought Pristine Anomarods directly, as well as anyone who used a lab to create Exquisite Anomarods, and those who received them via trade.

    What this means is that we'll be reimbursing - in rods - those who purchased and/or spliced or received in trade the Pristine and Exquisite Anomarods before the bug was fixed. The exact amount returned will be based on the chances of not getting a fish, which are roughly 63%, which means you'll be getting back 63% of the total rods purchased. This is actually super-good, because it's not taking into account the break chance of the rods - it's basically assuming your rod broke 100% of the time you didn't catch a fish! Ka-ching! You'll be all set for the next Fishing Fanatics event!

    In addition, because all of you had to deal with that maintenance restart right at the beginning of the event, we've decided to give every participant 25 Summer Tokens. The anomarod compensation should be showing up for all eligible players shortly (if it hasn't already), with the token rain to come sometime in the next few days!

    Now that we've covered compensation, let's shift gears a little to talk about our understanding and planning for Summer Clash. Everyone ready for a bunch of text? I know I am! In short, in terms of how the system has been implemented and received, it's really feeling like this is the right direction to go. I know some of you will disagree, but compared to the previous go-around of events a few months ago, this is so much better. As a quick catch-up for those who missed it, we had a few key goals with Summer Clash:

    1. We wanted to make something that players could cooperate on, but weren't forced to – something that had more rewards for guilds, but plenty for solo players to participate in and have fun with.
    2. We wanted to cut down on the grind. Players were killing themselves with endless hours of grinding. True, everyone could participate, but that meant that the only barrier between first and last place was time. And that wasn't great.
    3. We didn’t want players to have to do a very specific “best action” in order to ensure the most possible points. There shouldn’t be an ideal block or fishing spot or whatever – players should be able to engage in a very general activity (one that’s ideally rewarding on its own) and advance in the event.
    4. We didn’t want to lean heavily on randomness for the reward pools. Some RNG is okay, but when a top performer can still get a common prize, that’s a bad experience, and sends the wrong message.
    5. We wanted prizes to be clearer, but still valuable. This and the note above meant we couldn’t rely on low drop rates for the best rewards, so we instead had to rely on progression and investment.

    That last point has led to a much better deal all around (unlocking prizes feels great!), but also a bit of frustration as well, as it’s much clearer now what the “best” rewards are and how hard they’ll be to reach, whereas before, you could just get really, really, really lucky. The nature of Summer Clash and its balancing, by contrast, are intended to reward players willing to invest themselves in the pursuit of these prizes, whether through time, gems, or some combination of the two. After our first Block Bashers event, we felt things were a little strong on the gem side, so we rebalanced Fishing Fanatics with the goal of making the Delicate Anomalizers (the ones you can splice) a bit more powerful, in order to ensure players who didn’t want to spend gems could have more impact.

    One note to keep in mind, however, is that Summer Clash and its rewards has been balanced around four months of play – a full 16-week cycle – with the intent of everyone being able to get something cool by the end, but only the most hardcore players able to tackle the Legendary Branch (I mean, it is legendary, after all). What this means is that, like a lot of Growtopia, Summer Clash rewards dedication and planning (not just buckets of gems). Every event is designed around the understanding the you’ll have to plan and prepare for it, with lots of potential for profits and prizes if you set yourself up with a strong strategy in advance. With clear milestone tiers, you don't have to go in hoping to get lucky – but you do have to go in with a plan. If you know what you're up against, you can plant and harvest accordingly.

    But wait! There's a problem! You don't know which event is next, which makes it a little tougher to strategize. I know we've given you the recipes for all the anomalizers, but aside from stockpiling ingredients, there's not a lot you can do to get ready, and some events really do reward preparation. That's why I’d also like to use this dev diary to announce the next event in advance, so you know what you'll be doing and can set yourselves up for success. Sharpen your scythes, Growtopians, because next weekend’s event is…

    Harvest Heroes!

    Points will be given when you harvest trees with an anomalizing scythe! We're gonna have so many crops!

    Besides a heads-up on the event, I hope this dev diary helps you understand a little more of our thinking behind Summer Clash and the way we've balanced things. On that note, we're going to tweak numbers again this week, and continue to do so throughout the event based on your activity and highly welcome feedback. Keep on being awesome, my friends!
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