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Thread: LGBT Pride week?

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    Default LGBT Pride week?

    Someone I was talking in game with the other day said something about a Gay pride (LGBT Pride rightfully) week.
    I attend London, Leeds, Manchester every year!
    Last year even walked in London pride parade with a company closely connected with YouTube.

    You could make items like wrist band, flags, whistles and other rainbow'd items.
    Show support for the LGBT community:-)
    If unbisoft was feeling extra special they could even donate some of the profit either to a professional event or a HIV/aids charity cash in on the pink pound as every other company does.
    Play station, Facebook, YouTube, are just a few big names that have massive participation in pride and I can't say I've ever seen ubisoft in a UK pride I've attended (correct me if I'm wrong)
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    We got alot of rainbow items my guy

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    Just like every other time this forum gets ahold of a touchy topic, the immature trolls come out and ruin it for everyone.

    You guys are seriously unbelievable. Thread closed and nuked, infractions given out. Its pathetic that we need to come in and clean up stuff like this weekly.

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