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Thread: The Ringmaster is pissin me off

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    Quote Originally Posted by XEOREN03 View Post
    Do you know the feeling of having 11k gems taken away from you? It's like taking candy from a baby..and im that baby.

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    Oh i got that as my 7th step

    Process 15 FOSSILS :|

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    Don't you get stuff from surgery? (The feeling your doing Surgery for ring quest then you got thingamabob..*Goes to Ringmaster and abandons quest)
    i spent 300k gems trying to sell a 5 dl item

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    Alright maybe we should stop the I spent more than you on this that... It doesn't only depend on the value spent but also on how much you have... Like what's spending 20wls when you got 100dls and a stable source of wls
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    Ringmaster teaching people what bribery is smh

    Well not like gems are hard to get anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Hey its stil better than process fossil or banish boss ghost
    Banish boss ghost is in ringmaster quest? Idk i miss it.

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    thats why having 1 ring for bragging right is enough

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    Eh, I think he's not complaining about the task. I think he's complaining about how ringmaster asked him to do that task.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolnoob1994 View Post
    Eh, I think he's not complaining about the task. I think he's complaining about how ringmaster asked him to do that task.
    Yeah, that Ringmaster attitude is like an a**h**l
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    Okay... many points to say.

    a) That's one savage way to ask for 11k gems. Chill out, ringmaster.
    b) That task is just too demanding... period.
    c) It's borderline P2W if you think about it.
    d) I'd be too lazy to farm to 11k gems.
    e) I mean unmotivated. Not lazy to farm, I just can't ever find the time to farm. Also unmotivated because I'm doing it for a guy with a flat hat and an obnoxious mustache.
    f) If it were legal, I'd go as far as gambling to get 11k gems.
    g) Just kidding. Don't play casinos. Or gamble, for god's sake. It's just... dumb.
    h) Yes, I'm actually making points that go all the way to z.
    i) I DARE you to read all of them. Challenge accepted? :P
    j) If you read up to here, I guess you've accepted the challenge. Unless you stopped reading now.
    k) or now.
    l) or here or past this letter with the exception of point z, because once you reach z you win the challenge.
    m) BACK ON TOPIC... yea I'd just quit doing the Quest for the Ring.
    n) I would dare to say that I've quit the most ringmaster quests. More than ANY other Growtopian. If I had proof, I'd show it. Gladly.
    o) The only ring I have is The One Ring, which I can't really complain about because it's pretty cool.
    p) ...until I realize that it took me 6 token steps to complete the quest. I CALL P2W!
    q) Assuming you had 0 gems and an ATM farm with ~1.1k ATMs that were ready to harvest, you could complete the step in a few minutes!
    r) Do people even have ATM farms anymore? I think people have resorted to the old method of simply farming.
    s) ...unless you use the one-hit hack. Don't hack. Please.
    t) What were your previous quests?
    u) Did you have to deliver gems prior to Step 6? If so, it's likely that you'll have 1 or 2 more gem delivery steps. Bummer, I know.
    v) I once had to defeat 4 boss ghosts on the 1st step. I gave up immediately.
    w) I tried again right after that. I had to shatter 8 crystals. Guess what? I GAVE UP AGAIN!
    x) At second thought, delivering 11k gems isn't all that bad.
    y) Hey, look at that - one more bullet point!
    z) If you read up to here, you're a god... at wasting your time reading 26 pointless bullet points. I mean, why would you do that to yourself?

    This reply was genuinely meant to make you smile. If you didn't at least smurk or chuckle, then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe I'm immature? Up to you to judge xP
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    Deliver gems is better than surgical, token, banish ghost boss
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