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Thread: looking for top 50 guild

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    Default looking for top 50 guild

    so im currently looking for some what competitive guild. my ign is the same as my forum name. i m currently lvl 59. my main source of income is gonna be from my bfg, i have a total of 7k pepper seed currently and im aiming to use the seed gain to get to 10k seed so tht i can split it up into 5k a day(currently 5k for 1 day and 2k for another). i also do go to some bfgs to earn some gems.


    do you own a bfg?: yes, i have a pepper bg, 5k for one day and 2k for another, using seed gain to get to 5k daily.
    what personal event reward do you get:aiming for 15, only gotten it for harvest so far. my current guild isnt tht competitive so theres no point. im planning to spend all my gems and wls form my bfg weekly.

    edit: i dont think i can get much for surg doe as my skill is low, will try to get it higher
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    You can join Crescent, were 5m xp away from level 8 and looking to expand by getting good members. The highest we've placed is 60th but i feel like with more members we can work towards the top, were starting to get more and more #15 contributors (excluding the surg event)



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