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Thread: July 2018 Update - Startopia, Dev Diary & FAQ + Item of the Month

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    Post July 2018 Update - Startopia, Dev Diary & FAQ + Item of the Month

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    Hello Growtopians!

    We're kicking things into hyperspace for July with a ton of amazing additions!

    Startopia has arrived! Prep your starship and ready your Star Tools, because it's time to embark on a journey into the vast reaches of space! Explore distant worlds, encounter alien life, and fight your way through the cosmos on a quest to reach the Galactic Nexus!

    Startopia is an all-new adventure for you to enjoy, with tons of new items, encounters, and opportunities! For more information, check out our FAQ below! To the stars, my friends!

    Add to that our new... Item of the Month!

    Growin' up, back on the street
    Built my blocks, did my punches!
    Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
    Just a man and his I-O-T-M!
    It's the Mighty Tiger, but it doesn't bite
    Jumps so high and scratches all your rivals
    And all of Growtopia should be very hyped,
    As it powers you up with the EYE OF THE TIGER!

    As always don't forget to share with us your feedback here!

    - Startopia Imperial Mandate. Rawr.
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    Default July 2018 - Startopia (and More!) Dev Diary!

    To the stars!

    I can't wait to see what you guys think of Startopia. We worked really hard on this one because the concept excited us so much, and it’s feeling like an amazing update as a result. It has more items than any previous update we’ve done, alien empires, strange encounters, starship worlds, and a final boss that will put your talents to the ultimate test (for the ultimate rewards, of course).

    Our thinking behind Startopia was to introduce a new, deep system you guys could really sink your teeth into. We didn’t want to expand on something you knew backwards and forwards, because we realized that we haven’t provided many level playing fields since we took over Growtopia. As a result, most of our previous updates have, to one degree or another, catered to pre-existing groups and experience levels. Sometimes it’s been pretty great to expand on a system (like Fishing) or give something to high-end players (like Artifacts), but we know it’s also important to let everyone start fresh now and again. Here in Startopia (for at least the first few weeks), you’re all going to be brand-new Captains kicking off your interstellar journeys in the Alpha Sector.

    This isn’t just a big update in terms of items, but also size. There are lots of missions to undertake, upgrades to find for your ships, and FIVE sectors of space to voyage across. The reason for this is because we wanted to make something that would last for more than a few days of fun, and at least until next month (Player Appreciation Week! Woo!). See, we’ve noticed that after a lot of our updates, some of you guys would almost immediately start asking about the next month, saying you’d already had your fill of what we’d just released. It’s clear that you are all very engaged and invested in Growtopia, to the point where you can chew through “regular” updates in hours, so Startopia has been made with the hopes of giving you all something just a bit juicier.

    As always, please leave feedback, ask questions, and let us know how we did! For Startopia!

    Oh, also, as a quick side note about Summer Clash (since there wasn’t a Dev Diary for the past two weekends), things appear to be stabilizing, balance-wise. Surgery Stars (shoutout to Oldsock for guessing the name!) seems to have been a little problematic with the cost of equipment and time, so we may be reducing the requirements to make it more accessible, and looking into reducing the malpractice timer for its next go-around. In terms of general events, we’re absolutely looking into adding more into the rotation. It’s been all hands on deck for Startopia (plus we wanted to see how the first four events went), but we’re hoping to bring in more activities to increase Summer Clash variety in the months to come.

    Keep on being awesome, my friends, and enjoy Startopia!

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    Post Startopia FAQ.

    Hello, everyone!

    A little bit of the basics for you to start from!

    Q: What is Startopia?
    A: It’s a journey into the vast reaches of space! It lets you explore distant worlds, encounter alien life, and fight your way through the cosmos on a quest to reach the ultimate growlactic menace!

    Q: How do I start the Startopia experience?
    A: To start the Startopia experience you have to purchase the Starship Blast from the store and we strongly recommend to get some Star Tools also, to make sure you are prepared for everything that awaits you on your Star Voyage!

    Q: What is a Starship Blast?
    A: It is an item that creates a Starship World when used. You will find different Starship types as you progress, getting bigger and better.

    Q: What is a Star Tool and what does it do?
    A: Star Tools are items used in Star Voyage. You can obtain them in ‘Galactic Goodies’ store pack.

    Q: What is a Star Voyage and how do I start one?
    A: Star Voyage is a mission that you can start from your Starship, e.g. a hostile ship encounter, new planets exploration, and answering an SOS signal. Every mission has its difficulty depending on the sector you’re already in.

    Q: How do I access my Starship?
    A: Enter the ship's name in the world's selector screen.

    Q: What are the Ship Components?
    A: These are the items that are essential on your Starship. You can upgrade these items as you progress through Startopia experience.
    • Starship Helm – Here you can start your Star Voyage.
    • Starship Reactor – Here you can check the fuel and refill the tank if needed.
    • Starship ViewScreen – Here you can see your Startopia stats.

    Q: What is a Star Fuel?
    A: Star Fuel that is needed to start the mission. It is also consumed whenever you perform an Emergency Warp (leave a mission early) or is forced to retreat (when one of the ship’s primary stat – hull, crew, or rep – reaches 0%).

    Q: Do we need a Star Fuel for every mission even if it’s just used for retreating/leaving the mission?
    A: Yes, you cannot start a mission unless you have at least enough Star Fuel for one mission failure in your current Sector. You will receive a status update explaining this limitation if you attempt to do or initiate a launch without the prerequisite Star Fuel. Star fuel is not consumed after a successful mission.

    Q: Where do I get Star Fuels for my missions?
    A: The Star Fuels regenerates over time up to the maximum capacity of your ship’s fuel tank. However, you can also get them from the following:
    - Purchase them from the store using gems.
    - They can also be found via Geiger.

    Q: What are the Ship Rating and Captain’s Skill and what do we need to progress them?
    A: A ship rating is based on the Core Ship Components that you used on your ship. Every component corresponds to a rating or score that will accumulate and the total will be your overall ship rating. The player’s skill is based on your successful missions.

    There are minimum ship rating and star miles (acquired through your current ship's successful missions) before you can proceed with the next Startopia sector.

    Q: What are these sectors in Startopia?
    A: There are several sectors in Startopia that require minimum ship rating and captain’s skills before you can enter them. Mission’s difficulty also varies in these sectors.

    Q: Are there any items we can get exclusively from Startopia?
    A: Yes and you can purchase Startopian items from the Sales-Man inside the Startopia system using an untradeable currency called ‘Buckazoids’.

    Q: Can I modify my ship?
    A: You can decorate the ship in any way you want, you can upgrade its parts, but you cannot change the layout of your Starship. However, there are several possible layouts for each Starship Blast.

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