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Thread: What are your thoughts on this........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kranken View Post
    saying you did not write it does not mean you did not post it. if i were to post something like this for my friend, i'd show him the replies and let him answer.
    He keeps refusing to answer u guys himself every time I ask him if he wants to use my account to reply he says he'd rather watch the arguments that other people are having -_- Leaving me to deal with this Im not posting for him again.
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    I honestly would have left a quaint INB4, but we all knew this thread would devolve into tangential defenses and diversion from any sort of dialogue. Instead of attacking the OP over trivial matters, just answer the damn questions and contribute to the discussion. It is not super difficult to just let things go, especially when there is no penalty for doing so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manup View Post
    Religion was made for power, in the past The King followed order from the Pope. Church and State were basically bonded.
    Yes; the Gospels and Apostles who were killed for writing about Christ most certainly wrote them as a power tactic; good observation.

    This lack of knowledge on Religion is dangerous. Why people make such replies with little to no knowledge on such matters amazes me. It also makes me laugh when people try diss Christianity when it's the best we've done. There's no such thing as a perfect religion.
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    religion keeps people sane. thats what i think.

    anyway tell your friend that if he wants to be against the norm that bad, go after political correctness instead. at least it would make much more sense that way.



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