Hello everyone! The official Turtle Guild, (aka TURTLE SQUAD) is now recruiting members! If you are interested to join, please read it all

Guild Info
Guild Leader: @ShadowSURFER
Guild Elder: MsGRUMPY
Guild CO-Leader: Thush
Current level: 6, soon 7.
Spots avaible: 20/30 (10), later more
Guild world: TURTLEGUILD

How To Join?
1. You need to own 6 farm with full seeds (15,000 seeds in total)
2. Be a real farmer.
3. Be atleast 50 level, and keep leveling up after joining.
4. Ready to get kicked out of the guild if youndon't contribute enough XP.
5. You have to contribute in the guild events, we need it.
If you are "QUALIFIED" and want to join, please message MsGRUMPY.

Rules Of Being A Member Of The Guild
1. Do not bully anyone, EVER. Not the guild members, or anyone else.
2. Please do not use any hacks, we want to get our xp by hard work, not by hacking. Do not even use people who use hacks as your "slaves", we don't want you to get kicked because of such a thing
3. Do not grief the guild world, or you're gonn get kicked.
4. Do not place any blocks or other items to the world without asking anyone if you can place it.
We are the official TURTLESQUAD! Live by the shell 🐢

PS. I will edit the post if I forgot something.