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    Default Hello again

    k haven't played GT in over a year, and things are a lot different. Can someone bring me up to date? Thanks!

    posted in guidebook b/c I look for help
    Play Fortnite nowadays, slowly going back to GT
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamumu View Post
    Wings are things that go flap flap flap. You see them on birds quite commonly, sometimes as many as 2 per bird!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamPlayz View Post
    k haven't played GT in over a year, and things are a lot different. Can someone bring me up to date? Thanks!

    posted in guidebook b/c I look for help
    Well, lets start with anniversary. There was nothing new and it was dumb. Also valentine? Nothing and dumb. Then lets see.. oh yeah we got magplant and growscan i guess which is good. Though, farmables are worth nothing now. Oh yeah you can sell gems now. Like actually sell them. (Dropped gems are like 1-1.2k/wl). Also we got people now who know things before they come out (ehh maybe this isnt news) so some buy+ worlds are being redistributed. Hmm st’ patrick nothing new and dumb. Easter, nothing new and dumb. Cinco de mayo, nothing new and dumb. Summer? we finally got MORE PHOENIX WINGS!! That is if you like them in blue. We got a sword, i guess thats cool. Oh lets not forget the most important update that came!!!!! STARTOPIA. Where u basically could manipulate the market if u beat the boss!! OMGOMGOMG
    Bazinga.. Oh yeah, we also finally got clans! IKR?!?!?! Parkour! Pvp! giveaways! Actually playing together! I mean what could possibly go wrong? People wouldn’t possibly treat this one as a way of earning wls right? Bazinga..

    P.s. Welcome back.
    P.s.s. You should quit if you want to treat this app like a game. (Cant do it no more)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    So, we checked your logs. Your map was destroyed and you got a Rune Stone as a reward.
    Just my Luck.



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