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Thread: Heya there.

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    Default Heya there.

    Hello there fellow forumers!
    I made my own forum account on DEC. 2017 just to ask questions or askin for help to ya'll and forgot to introduce myself..
    Now, Im here to tell you all about me.

    My name is Ralph, and my ID is Evaccaneer in-game.
    I live in the philippines, 15 years old turning 16 in Mid-October.
    Im playing Growtopia since the exact day where Anniversary week has started.
    I often farm and break 25,000 pepper blocks alone every 2-4 days and I made like more than 70wls per week by selling gems, thanks to growscan.
    Im on my journey to achieve level 100 tho, Im almost lv80 because of the effect of solo-farming xd.
    I was just a poor, lucky guy who bought helpful iotms for cheap... rayman and magplant, props to them for making my farming life easier now hehe.

    Im pretty much inactive on forums for a few days until theres something I wanna ask for help from ya'll but Im trying my best on the forums just to get along with the other people like you. Yea, I hope so..

    If ya wanna talk to me, PM me in-game or add me on discord hehe
    My Discord

    Now before I go, ask me anything
    Have a good day lads hehe

    IGN: Ralphsei
    Just focused in-game these days so..

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    ok your name is Evaccaneer
    can you tell me your password?

    jk jk

    btw i like your profile,
    he so cute
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    Default Welcome!

    Hi, nice to meet you! I go by the username Merlinus but you can call me Merlin too. Enjoy your stay here.

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    Just don’t bring any dogs or cats though, Joey’s allergic
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    Default Hey, Welcome to the forums :D

    Hello :] welcome to the Growtopia forums If you need help or advice, direct message me or private message me in-game. Enjoy your stay and socialism at this huge gt family home!!
    Never share your password with anyone for any reason. So far EVERYONE claiming to be hacked turns out they have trusted that "friend" and he/she was the one who hacked their account. So Stop it...



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