Firstly I Understand That Every Month There Would Be Boss Ghost Day Where Boss GHOST Would spawn . That’s what happened today , due to carnival I had to defeat boss ghost cause dark spirit board was expensive I tried to hunt the worlds . I went in and place my nodes which stops the boss ghost from moving , (4) of them . Then me and my Friend went to kill the boss ghost . Nevertheless ‘noobs/trollers’ who thinks they are funny broke my nodes and I placed again and they kept doing it . I tried to put a world lock and Guess what , it didn’t allow . I was so pissed as one node is like 2-3 wl I went to other world and again this happens . It happened 3 times that’s I wasted too many wls . Like why can’t it just allow us to put wls . I hate trollers and stuff . I given up on GT and feel like quitting. At least Gt SHould let us put wls , even tho if the patch I would care anymore cause I have give up . Thanks for reading ������