Hello all!

It's great to see you've been enjoying Summerfest, Startopia, and of course, Summer Clash! On that note, this weekend marks the second go-around of Surgery Stars, and as we have some balancing changes we’ll be rolling out to improve your experience, I wanted to write up a quick dev diary to let you know about them!

Most immediately, you’ll see we’ve changed the cost of the Pristine Anomalizers for Surgery Stars in the store, shifting them from 5,000 to 3,500 gems. As this "breaks" the pattern set for all the other events, it’s not a change we took lightly, but we realized that the upfront costs (and, crucially, time requirements) of surgery already make it very different from its peers, to the point where this isn’t just an acceptable change, but a necessary one.

We've also retooled the point gain of the Anomalizing Bonesaws, shifted the point milestone requirements slightly, and, in a move I’m sure you’ll all appreciate, reduced the break changes for all ranks of the Bonesaws. Finally, we’ve taken your suggestion to reduce the Malpractice debuff for all three days of the event to match Surgery Day – so get slicin'!

In the end, all of these changes should make it much easier – and cheaper – to earn points during the Surgery Stars event. Now, why did we do all this? Was the event horribly imbalanced and we just missed it?! Well, this gets a bit into game design methodology, but the basic answer is that game balance isn’t just about making sure the numbers line up correctly. Behind the scenes, Surgery Stars was balanced to be in line with the other events (and already included an estimated upfront cost of the gems for each one), but at the end of the day, it didn’t FEEL like it.

How things feel is vital, and with Malpractice, the length of the surgeries, and the high break chances conspiring together, things just didn’t feel right. That’s why we’ve taken this step to bring down the costs (and timers) a bit more. We hope you’ll find this weekend's event a lot more fun and profitable than the previous iteration, but either way please let us know! Your feedback is incredibly important, and it really does matter!

So sanitize those stitches, prep a bonesaw or twenty, and go have some surgical fun, my friends!