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Thread: September Updates Delay

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    Default September Updates Delay

    Hey y'all!

    This is just to give everyone an update regarding the September Updates delay. Due to the monthly update content and the holidays in UAE, we had to split the Monthly Update in two.

    That leads us with the following deliveries for this month:

    Part 0: Android devices and windows resolution compatibility issues’ fixes [FIXED]
    → We are trying our best to have it Live as soon as possible, but if it can’t go Live before Part 1, it will go Live with Part 1.

    Part 1: IOTM + Legendary Branch [Update: We just got the approval from Apple so the build has been released to the stores. The September Update Part 1 will follow in a few hours.]
    → Apple approved our previous build on time (for a release the 1st) but we found a sneaky bug that forced us to re-submit a new version, and we were hoping this new version could still make it on time. This is why we were not able to provide any announcement or information before the delay. Unfortunately, there are delays on Apple review times lately so we still did not get a Go for release. We will surely give you an update as soon as we have one.

    Part 2: Monthly feature [September Part 2 Update is going to be released early next week!]
    → We are finalizing the monthly update and it should be out soon after Part 1 (we can't provide an ETA however as we’re finalizing the update and making sure it’s stable enough before the release).

    Thank you so much for your patience!
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    Hey guys! As a quick follow-up to NekoRei's post, since we know you're all eager to get your hands on Part 2 of our upcoming updates (trust me, we are, too!) and it's been pushed back a little, we thought it would be good to give you a short teaser!

    Part 2, our new, soon-to-be-released update, is titled "Role Up!" and will focus on adding new progression and depth to several of Growtopia's systems. We've been listening to your feedback about wanting more ownership and reward for your investments in various places, and designed this update around that desire. Besides spicing up the place with a bit of freshness and "specialization", we're hoping this update brings new economic inspirations and interactions to the game. Expect a full dev diary on its release as I dive into just what that means!

    Oh, and as an extra teaser, I tried to take a screenshot with a bunch of the new items from the update, but something went terribly wrong - just look...

    Name:  whoa.PNG
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