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Thread: Quitting GT + Free accounts

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    Default Quitting GT + Free accounts

    I'm quitting Growtopia as my main was given a permanant ban and i've sent lots of emails and posted on forums about it but they wont unban me.Heres the story

    So I join random worlds and troll a bit and chat just for the fun of it but then I stumble across this world where some girl claims to be selling nudes, I thought this was just a big joke and tried to play along so I said 'BUY NUDES FOR 25 WLS EACH'. She then pulls me and says it's real so I just leave.Between 30 minutes and 1 hour, I'm talking to my friend AngelCry in the world RXNR and we are just talking about random things.I notice a few people getting banned and I react by saying 'Lol', I was about to point out people were getting banned until I got banned myself

    Moderators don't play around with this type of stuff so don't end up like me,I've learned my lesson and will never play Growtopia.

    I've enjoyed my 3 years in Growtopia but now I have to move on.

    As promised,the free accounts(Some may be banned because I already gave out the passes)
    All these accounts are owned by me.
    They are not stolen


    I'm not giving away my main(because whats the point of giving away a suspended account)

    Goodbye everyone, I will really miss close friends and
    I hope you become very successful while i'm gone.


    P.S-The lock in the world BUYWARRIORS is expiring soon

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    To anybody reading this, DO NOT log into those accounts. There is a very high chance that they will get banned, and it will spread to your accounts as well because the system will think that you are another alt.
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    Moral of story:
    Don’t buy nudes in gt,you might get a picture of growtopian without wearing items
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    Just a fair warning to everyone, never try to log into other player accounts.
    If the player gets banned, you will get banned as well or if the player is involved in other illegal activities you will be accused of it as well.

    This is exactly why we would like to ask everyone to never log into other player accounts even if they are friends or whatever the reason is.

    Thread closed.



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