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Thread: [New thread] Nominate your world for WOTD here!

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    Post [New thread] Nominate your world for WOTD here!

    Name:  WOTD2018_Banner.png
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    Hello, Growtopians!

    The new cycle begins and we're starting a new thread for your WOTD nominations!

    What do you get when you win WOTD?

    - An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    - "WOTD Winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    - Your world is added to the WOTD winner's list in-game: /top
    - 10 Growtokens
    - And we think the most important of them all! RESPECT!

    Aren't those super awesome?

    There are rules to follow through and make sure you do for your world to be considered as WOTD!

    First, if you want the team to consider your world for the "World Of The Day 2018" award, please nominate it on this thread with the following information:
    - World name
    - Your GrowID (because we can't see them sometimes and just in-case you changed your name. )
    - A quick description of your world
    - Latest Render of the world

    Second is to follow these rules for the October - December 2018 cycle!

    - You and you only can nominate your world ONCE! (*Please read below for more information)
    - Owners should be the ones nominating their worlds because others nominating your world in this thread is violating rule #1.
    - A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to other players who helped with building/funding the world, music creator, worlds they have inspired/copied design from (If it's from the Web please mention that) and any other information should be mentioned. (You can choose to represent this info in a different creative way if you like but it must be near the start area of the world so we can easily see and check them).
    - At least basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) must be placed within the world, unless the world does not require having one of them. Note: Promising that the jammers will be placed inside the world if it wins will not be considered.
    - Vend worlds, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
    - Guild Headquarters (Worlds) are welcome! However, as the world is owned by one person, the prize will only be given to the owner. It's up to the Guild how they will make use of the WOTD prize in case the world wins.

    To refresh everyone, we will base our decision on many factors, here are some pointers to help to increase your chances of winning:
    - Plus points are given to in-game event theme worlds which explain old and/or new mechanics of the in-game event to help guide new players
    - Plus points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas or mechanics that are rarely used
    - Plus points are given to worlds using recent items/blocks from recent or current events
    - Plus points are given to worlds placing doors/portals to worlds they have inspired/copied design, music and anything else from.
    - Negative points are given to worlds with doors linking to Vend/Shop worlds or any other worlds that are not related.
    - Negative points are given to worlds with admins who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 12 month.
    - Owners who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 12 months WILL NOT be considered.
    **If the punishment has been cancelled before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible for the WOTD.

    FAQ: (which is already included in the last cycle's post here)

    What does "2018 Cycle" mean?
    - We started this cycle last April. The team will be creating a new nomination thread every 3 months that will allow us and the whole community to be updated if there will be changes on the rules and factors in choosing WOTDs based on the feedbacks and quality worlds posted in the previous thread.

    Would I be able to nominate my world in the next cycle and have a chance to be chosen as WOTD?
    - Yes, you can nominate your world once every cycle but we highly encourage you to try and make improvements in the world rather than just nominating the same world as it is in the next cycle. We also encourage you to create a thread to collect feedback on how to improve your world and we might leave some comments there in some rare cases.

    My world was chosen as a WOTD before the 2018 trophy was launched, am I eligible to get the new trophy?
    - Yes, you are! Simply make sure you have the Ultra Trophy 3000 in your inventory and contact support, we will replace the Ultra Trophy 3000 with the new 2018 version.

    Can I nominate more than one world in the same cycle?
    - Yes, you can! You can nominate as many worlds in the same cycle as you like, but you shouldn't post the same world more than once as stated in the rules above.

    Why do copied worlds get plus points? Does this mean I can just copy a world and win?
    - Most probably will have nearly ZERO chance of winning a WOTD if you choose to simply copy an old WOTD. The whole point of this rule is simply we don't mind if you end up copying a small part from a previous world (a cool looking tower, house decoration ...etc) as long as you are honest enough to clearly show that in your world (which we also hope that would give credit to the original owner and traffic to his/her world) but that will also mean your world must be different enough!

    Hope everything's clear! Keep the nominations coming!

    Cheers and excited about your worlds,
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    Making a wotd soon!
    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
    — The Doctor
    “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
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    Can you complete the parkour without getting raged? Show me what you can do

    Name:  phemus.png
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    What? another thread?
    Discord: Chem #7714

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    by: PIates

    This world is all about SCENERY and how beautiful growtopia's ITEMS are.
    - PZ'ed
    I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by M1tch View Post
    Bye, AlyMilk Best of luck and thank you for your kind words

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    Default Nominating 2 of my world for WOTD


    Name:  intothewest.png
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    • GrowID: Defush
    • Features: Punch/Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Arid Weather, Song.

    In this world you are a fugitive robber, you always steal other people's gold. But no one can catch you, even professional cowboys. One time you were on a train carrying gold stolen. But someone reported this incident, and now the cowboy is chasing you. Can you escape from a cowboy? Or give up and be imprisoned for life?

    The world has obstacles that interesting. You will find various levels of difficulty. Starting from the Obelisk, in this section you will need teamwork to proceed to the next stage. After that you will enter the medium zone, here you will face a rather difficult parkour. You are required to jump with the right accuracy because the thorns are very close to your body. After that you will enter the final part of being on the ground, this is where you will face a very difficult level of difficulty, unless you are smart enough to solve it.

    Credits? Hmm... As long as the world is made by myself without assistance from anywhere, so there is no need to give credits using the Bulletin Board or something. But I have placed a sign around White Door that credits someone who has made a song.


    Name:  thedealofdragon.png
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    • GrowID: Defush
    • Features: Punch/Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Weather Machine - Jungle, and Story.

    The story that is in the world is made by myself. This tells the story of a grandfather who was telling his grandson, that in the past his village had a ferocious dragon that burned the village and the residents could defeat the dragon. How could this happen? What happened after that? For more details visit the world of THEDEALOFDRAGON.

    Credits for the world are directed to me (Defush) along with my sister (not having an account) as the creator of the design and the original story. The dragon art pixel shape is an inspiration from the Hungry Dragon game. And the wing shape of the dragon itself is an inspiration from the world of DRACONIC.

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    The "New thread" title does not really work, it should have an unique title for each season or so...
    I don't play this anymore

    My Youtube channel link for people looking for it

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    Don't forget to follow own rules, akmj.
    To who posted more than once! ( Insult delete earlier post ).
    and you should keep on eyes to player nominate in this thread, kairos/kaurkal!!
    + And once again. Pease check the world first, for winning ( is copied world or no ). Like decent world "dragon******". Theres no credit, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chem View Post
    What? another thread?
    You know new threads for like if there a new rules
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    Default JUNGLE - by Elusive

    Name:  jungle.png
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    Venture through the jungle and prove your skills in speed, timing, and knowledge. Also meet tons of new creatures, most are from the jungle .. some i cannot promise originate from the jungle.

    We're only responsible for what we say, not for what others take into their minds from it.
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    Wink My first WOTD nomination!

    Name:  funmystery (1).png
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    Grow ID: Samplatil

    World name: FUNMYSTERY

    Latest render was 9/30/2018.

    Description: The story of this world is the origin of the g-virus, and the zombie jammer. The goal is to find any remaining survivors. It is more of a mystery than a parkour and requires you to notice all details. I added a bunch of Easter eggs (I couldn't help myself) so have fun finding them! The song is an old Russian folk song that you wont find anywhere else on Growtopia because I arranged it personally. The words and melody fit perfectly with the story of this world. This was a long term project of mine and I finally finished it after many months of thinking, building, breaking, and rebuilding. I hope you like it!

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    just taking the spot since ill use it later on.

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    Default VIVIDVALE and ILLSTRICKEN by Lewius for WOTD!

    VIVIDVALE is a world that is all about exploration and memory! Players must search the world, finding letters to piece together one large puzzle to beat the world! The world is really not parkour-heavy. Nonetheless, it’s still a very fun, and enjoyable world!

    I worked really hard on this world, and put a lot of WLS and effort into the design, so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

    Owner: Lewius

    World Contains:
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Stuff Weather Machine


    Name:  vividvale.png
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    Thanks for the consideration. Have an excellent day!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I present to you... ILLSTRICKEN! This world is based primarily on the story, although elements of parkour and password-hunting are also present.

    The story is based on a single mother who loses her 8 year-old son to cancer, and how her life takes a turn for the worse.

    Owner: Lewius

    World Contains:
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Nothingness Weather
    -In-Depth and interactive story


    Name:  illstricken.png
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Size:  561.2 KB

    I spent a LOT of time, WLS and effort into this world. (218 WLS to be exact). I really hope y’all enjoy it! Thanks!
    You can contact me if you have any questions or concerns, whether it be in-game or via forums. I'm commonly occupied with creating worlds and socializing with players!

    Growtopia Username: Lewius

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    The people who are bullying you, they're insecure about who they are, and that's why they're bullying you. It never has to do with the person they're bullying. They desperately want to be loved and be accepted, and they go out of their way to make people feel unaccepted so that they're not alone.

    Information about the world itself;
    Basically I made this world during the time when I used to have really good friends on Growtopia, There were like brother's and sister's to me. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and people grew to hate me for whatever reasons I did, which was nothing bad. I created this world to tell the people about how I used to be bullied during my 4 years of playing and how I've became the bigger and better person I am today.
    Tragedy & Comedy. Drama

    World Includes:
    • Good Storyline
    • Illusion & Puzzles
    • Parkour
    • Mind Puzzles
    • PZ Jammers
    • No Music, Sadly

    Name:  dramaillusion.png
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    I'm That Crazy Funny Guy That Will Always Make Ur Day Awesome B)


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    World name: RESURFACE

    Brief description: You've been under the surface for way too long and now you must struggle to rise back up. Parkour itself is pretty basic, but the whole dark cave setting makes it far more challenging.

    -Basic jammers
    -Torches to help with experience and set the setting

    Everything was done by myself, I just had my admin help test the world out after.

    Name:  unknown.png
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    IGN: Demondoom
    Level: 71

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    Grow Id: boredsimon
    World Descrpition: It's basically an adventure world/parkour world where you return an idol to a temple to maintain balance.
    Name:  darknessoverflow.png
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    Default My World For WOTD

    My Nickname : IWasEvor
    Name:  wingedworldlock.png
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    Default My WOTD Worlds

    Name:  tigersrace.png
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    World Abilities

    -Tiger Theme
    -Nice Weather
    -Fire House

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    Quote Originally Posted by OXYGEN_ View Post
    Name:  tigersrace.png
Views: 2916
Size:  117.7 KB

    World Abilities

    -Tiger Theme
    -Nice Weather
    -Fire House
    Go away
    I don't play this anymore

    My Youtube channel link for people looking for it

    These lines are here so people won't click on the link when trying to quote

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    I Don't know

    Default FOR WOTD? Halloween 2018.

    Hello, I'd to nominate the world THESTORYOFFOURGIRLS

    Story : Story is about four girls who have an encounter with a creepy man on their way home from a Halloween party.
    On halloween night 202, four young girls were walking down a lonely street, when they passed by an old church. Standing outside was a man dressed in a clown costume. He asked the girls if they had seen his puppy. When they said that they hadnt seen it, the man asked them to help him find eh lost dog. The girls agreed to help in the search and the man in the clown costume led them into the old chruch....

    The world consists of :

    Zombie & punch jammer.
    Pineapple Guardian
    VERY scary story of four girls.
    Ghostly desing + 2 pixel arts
    Weather machine - Background
    Full adventure (Rope,idol,key etc...)


    Render : Render -




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