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Thread: [New thread] Nominate your world for WOTD here!

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    Default Nominate WOTD (TAMEDDRAGON)

    Owner name:PROLIKEKING
    World name:TAMEDDRAGON
    Blocks: PUNCH/ZOMBIE jammer,lava rocks,Stalactile/stalagmite
    STORY: A human name jeff has been survive from dragon invasion.he just got
    news about TAMED DRAGON so he take an adventure on it.the place where the
    TAMED DRAGON is on a top of LAVA mountain so he need to get on it!Name:  tameddragon.png
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    Today I, GTKenneth, would like to promote my world CUPIDIAHILLS for wotd! It is an adventure map based on valentine/love.
    My growid is GTKenneth
    Worldname is CUPIDIAHILLS

    Story (short):

    Britt felt in love with a guy named Nate. Britt isnt a common girl, she is an angel.
    Some year later they got married and have 3 children.
    Once Britt accidently entered the bathroom when Nate was showering.
    She saw something weird, something red. Its a tail, a red tail! Nate is a devil!
    Nate told her he wanted to explain, but he never did.
    Britt woke up next day and saw Nate was gone.
    She felt so bad she died of a broken heart.
    Now she is still haunting the Hills of Cupidia, till someone finds a new heart for her.

    Its your job to find a new heart for Britt, so she can finally rest in peace.

    World has p/z jammers;
    Night weather as background;
    A pineapple guardian (to avoid people placing ghosts or trolling/cheating with consumables);
    A Challenge timer for people who want to win a prize, or want to race against the time;
    First half of the parkour is possible to win without any clothes (Wings, Speed, etc.), second part needs atleast double jump.

    World render

    Name:  cupidiahills.png
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    Wish yall good luck getting World Of The Day!

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    Default Rosemore for wotd

    Name:  rosemore.png
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    I do not wish to explain the world further, its all in the world

    Has pz jammer, ghost charm and the sorts
    IGN: Blueprint
    When the game progresses faster than you ^

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    LovesJourney for WOTD?

    The world has the following things:
    • Over 20 Guestbooks full of interesting fun facts about valentines.
    • 6 different mini parkour puzzles that are all connected in one big storyline.
    • Rarely used systems such as - Cybots, Gravity Wells, Dimension Blocks, Golden Idol Gates, Climbing Ropes and more!!
    • An interesting story about finding your true love & more!
    • Jammers and weather, of course.
    • A pretty fitting song - "Married Life", better known as the theme song from the Disney's animated movie "Up".

    Here's the render:
    Name:  lovesjourney.png
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Size:  739.5 KB
    Ingame name - OldGertie

    Instagram - @OldGertie

    Discord - OldGertie#3133

    Youtube - OldGertie Gaming

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    IcyCouples by Cahtster

    "Feel the lovingly cold breeze of this world and savor the delicate warmth of sweetness of the story with confusing twists!"

    The world is originally made by me and heavily supported by many people especially KVLEE and Lordfluffy10. The pixel art is original, it is not copied. The short song was made by me, especially the story was carefully woven with love.

    The story will be a secret in this description. I wanted to keep the story away from my world descriptions so you will have to figure it out by yourself to make things even interesting and mysterious as I intended it to be. Wether you enjoy it or not, the story is pretty unique than every other ones that you usually read or you personally like.

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Name:  icycouples.png
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    using namespace std

    Int main()
    Cout >> "Peck! Pyeck!";

    Robin's Carpentry Building Guide
    Supported by Natsuki~

    To be Human~

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    Default Nominate WOTD (TAMEDDRAGON)

    Owner name:PROLIKEKING
    World name:TAMEDDRAGON
    Blocks: PUNCH/ZOMBIE jammer,lava rocks,Stalactile/stalagmite
    STORY: A human name jeff has been survive from dragon invasion.he just got
    news about TAMED DRAGON so he take an adventure on it.the place where the
    TAMED DRAGON is on a top of LAVA mountain so he need to get on it!Name:  tameddragon.png
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    Name:  psychoville.png
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    A delusional psychopath traverses the hallucinated town where he grew up, a place of eerie silence and uncomfortably clean of any other living organisms. However, he doesn't have long there as the time is ticking until his demise.
    - jammers
    - parkour
    - puzzles
    - story

    Name:  royalfestival.png
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    Lustchery celebrates annually a tradition of love and joy. In the past years, attendance has dropped due to the increasing lack of interest. However, this year - for some odd reason - the attendance has spiked and everyone is obsessed over the kingdom's famous cherries. What has spiked the festival's popularity when nothing has changed?
    - uses 3 separate worlds with the interior being in different worlds (like the Zelda games)
    - music (OST by SongtopiaJr)
    - jammers
    - parkour, adventure & riddles
    - story
    32 WOTDs
    3 Competitions placed in.

    Discord Tag: Hrvy#7777

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    Haha... Hello!!!!!!!
    My name is Max and i made a world for world of the day i took all my ideas to the world to make it really nice i will be happy if i will win WOTD because is worth it! I'm sure! I just hope for it because these days am very tired but i made something cool and nice.
    Oh yea.. My GrowID is : Bear9 and please do not forget ! Worlds name is : Advneture
    Okay thank for read all!
    World have :
    P/Z jammers
    Weather machine
    Colorful blocks
    Amazing buildings
    Here render
    Name:  advneture (2).png
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Size:  401.5 KB
    Thank you very much for all Guys!
    Please do not forget to rate that world because i really hard work!
    Good bye!

    I love building!

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    Default LUVCASTLE for WOTD

    Welcome to LUVCASTLE
    An adventure map about discovering meaning of Valentine's Day. Unlock new chapters and levels as you travel throughout this Love Castle. Solve complex puzzles and challenges, and reach to the top of this Love Castle to find
    a hidden message.

    Name:  luvcastle.png
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    World Mechanics:
    -Cybot Parkour
    -Password Trivia Game
    -Mystery Chance Door Game
    -SunGate Activation
    -Cracked Stone Slab Parkour
    -Complex Steam Puzzle
    -Adventure Gate/Start/End Items used in parkour
    -Challenge Timer/Flags
    (These are rarely used game mechanics that I used in my world)

    World Features:
    -Amazing Love Castle structure with full lots puzzles/parkour
    -Adventure Story about finding the meaning of love
    -Valentine's Day Facts
    -Lovely guitar World Music
    -Punch & Zombie Jammers
    -Pinegaurded, Antigravity & Anti Fire World

    P.S.(This world is hard because due to the amount of levels and
    puzzles dedicated in this amazing world)
    Last edited by Creator; 02-23-2019 at 01:01 AM.

    IGN: iCreator
    Level: 101
    YouTube Channel: iCreatorGT
    Discord: iCreator#8781
    Veteran Player since Growtopia Beta 2013

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    Default FADEDHUMANITY by Lewius

    My newest world is finally done and I’m so glad to share it with everybody, as well as submit it for a chance to win!

    In this world, I focused a lot on the story. If you’ve ever read the book The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey, then you’ll realize that the storyline is based off of that novel. In addition, I also tried to make the world aesthetically pleasing, and I think I succeeded somewhat.

    The world has elements of parkour, adventure item hunts and tons of information and development of the story.

    The world has different endings...

    I have jammers, weather and everything else required in the world!

    Owner: Lewius

    Name:  fadedhumanity.png
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Size:  546.5 KB

    Really hope everyone likes it! I spent a lot of time and WLS to make it, so hopefully it pays off. Have an excellent day!
    You can contact me if you have any questions or concerns, whether it be in-game or via forums. I'm commonly occupied with creating worlds and socializing with players!

    Growtopia Username: Lewius

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    Default Heartcycle - diichaan

    Hi! I'm submitting my valentine building contest as WOTD as well. This is a world made by multiple peeps working together to create a huge craft!

    Inside, you will see the different parkours made by each person. In each parkour, there is a letter you need to find (total of 14 letters). They will need to complete all the levels in their liking and form the 3 letter password in order to get to VIP!

    Hope you guys enjoy the world!
    Name:  heartcycle.png
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Size:  271.2 KB
    Join diichaan's horde discord channel:

    Official Social Media Accounts:
    Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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    Hello, I'd like to submit my Valentines World Building Contest submission for WOTD.
    World name: QUOTEDROMANCE
    GrowID: JonVince

    Name:  quotedromance.png
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Size:  444.9 KB

    The world has a story that tells about lovers that the the girl keeps doing the things needed by the boy, find out more about the story as you visit. This story is dedicated to the devs who put their hardwork brought to this game. The ending has a moral of the lesson. Everything is made original by truly yours except for the song.

    World features:
    *Short Romantic Story
    *Song: Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur
    *Zombie and Punch Jammers
    *Weather Machine - Valentines
    *Love Quotes on valensigns
    *and more!

    I hope you will visit and enjoy! <3 Happy Valentines!
    Hello there, enjoy your day.

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    Default MinatoGame

    Hello Growtopians! Especially for MODS!
    Im intruducing my world MINATOGAME!
    This world is dedicated on my favorite anime "NARUTO"
    My world is a game world with a pixel art named "MINATO"
    I hope you like this short introduction.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Thelovelycastle for wotd

    -Noob friendly parkour (made with antigravity fields)
    -Tons of valentines facts
    -punch and zombie jammers
    -3D bridge
    Name:  CB8A3C10-FC79-479D-BAFB-DBC7BAA657C9.png
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Size:  499.2 KB
    The King has trapped her in a tower in his magnificent castle with the key hidden in his storage of the world’s 58 million pounds of chocolate, and it lies at the deepest part of his dungeon. Though he won her from drawing her name (a Middle Age custom) and wears her heart on his sleeve, he’s an illegitimate lover. You must enter the castle of Valensvil and convince her back to you with true love this time, not just a petty item. Good luck everyone and happy late Valentine's Day
    Hello, I am EZCookOven
    Level: 125.
    Legendary Title, Dragon, Wings.
    Sponsored: EzCookOven’s Robotic Tentacles.

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    “Entering this for WOTD”

    Have you ever been into the underwold? Did you ever think that love could exist in the realm of the death and souls? Well guess what... Love exist! Join the Adventure and unlocked the secret items as we tell you a story about Hades & Persephone got their “HEARTCHAIN” for eternity.

    “Love should not be forced but to be accepted by heart”

    World Feature:
    -P&Z Jammer
    -Nothingness Machine
    -Valentine Underworld Themed world Design

    Love Myth Trivias

    World Design by: Bayawak & CUZKOName:  received_2063457433956257.png
Views: 102
Size:  142.7 KB

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    Default MountainX8 for WOTD!

    Name:  mountainx8.png
Views: 100
Size:  623.8 KB

    Be amazed by this spectacular Mountain 🏔 Story Adventure! Explore the mystery of the lost city of the wolves!

    GrowID: Capriol
    World has:
    -Pz Jammer
    -Engaging Mystery Story
    -Well designed Adventure
    -Snowy weather
    -Credits given and inspired by LegendaryMountain
    -Sequel to WOTD Winner NATURALPARKS

    Hope I win WOTD and have a nice day!

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    Name:  63E1E4F3-2DEB-4391-89B4-2602D1CF61F8.jpeg
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Size:  612.9 KB
    A man wakes up one morning to find that everything is in a monochromatic scale. He decides to look around his seemingly deserted city on a quest to find help and color, so he could understand what was going on. Instead of help, he found a cave at the edge of town that was clearly not there before. He explores the cave and color is found. However, it wasn’t quite what he’d expected...

    This world features a one of a kind transcribed intro of Metallica’s Unforgiven III, punch and zombie jammers, a unique story line, and a monochromatic background and parkour.
    Longtime Party Bunny

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    Nominating my latest Valentine-themed world VALENTINEMEMORIES!
    As you accept the challenge of the Heart Castle, you face the the Heart King and Queen's tricky rooms such as a high-tech security Cybot parkour and a steam room in order to prove yourself worthy!

    •Cybot Parkour
    •Steam Parkour
    •Riddles & Anagrams
    •Punch & Zombie Jammers

    Name:  image.png
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    Last edited by PixelJr; 02-24-2019 at 01:45 PM.
    IGN: PixelJr
    Guild: ANCIENTS
    Instagram: @iampixeljr
    Discord: PixelJr#7411
    Growtopia Forums Discord:

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    Default VALENEKO for WOTD

    Name:  valeneko.png
Views: 139
Size:  506.2 KB

    This is the love story of our beloved community manager... gone wrong. This is her story of going from rags to riches... back to rags.

    It was the evening of Valentine’s Day. NekoRei is walking to the Royal Tower for her well-known date with the Prince of Growtopia, Reg4shi. It was a night she would never forget... but little did she know, it would be for all the wrong reasons.

    After a lot of hard work and late nights, this world was finally completed! Among the many amazing features of this world are...

    - A thrilling storyline to not miss out on;
    - An original pixel art made by myself;
    - A set of punch and zombie jammers;
    - A password door quiz;
    - A timed parkour with adventure items integrated into it;
    - Tiny symbolic details to not miss out on along the way;

    Among many more great features!

    IGN: Immaculate

    Do note that none of this storyline is true; it is merely fan-fiction.
    Last edited by Immaculate; 02-23-2019 at 11:43 PM. Reason: Forgot to add a little detail
    Leave a positive mark for the world to see.


    Wanna talk? Send me a PM!
    IGN: Immaculate

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    A full world made of Secret Passages!
    How unique?

    Name:  woodenearth.png
Views: 130
Size:  375.0 KB

    Amazing storyline about a pizzarunner!

    Name:  pizza.png
Views: 132
Size:  453.1 KB
    A amazing game themed summer world!!
    Name:  summer.png
Views: 138
Size:  474.6 KB

    NOTE: i added P and Z jammers where needed.

    A scary world with an scary storyline!
    Name:  spooky.png
Views: 129
Size:  275.5 KB



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