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Thread: [New thread] Nominate your world for WOTD here!

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    Default I nominate this world for world of the day!

    Ok you might sen this world before but i made a update for it, i gOnNa find a way to delate the old post but alright. Reason why i update the world because i realized the parkour were too easy and short, and i made it longer and harder. And i also Added some winter fest deco.

    This world contains with zombie punch jammer, and a fire house, and a music into the world called ”you wish a merry christmas”!

    This world is about a normal goblin becomes a present goblin, the normal goblin is you, you gOnNa have to deliver a present to a little kid, and a now storm is coming soo its gOnNa be hard to get up to the sleigh, and a angry monkey are lockig the door, and you have to find a way out of the house. And heres a pic of the world.

    Name:  88F5B76F-68F7-4525-9DBB-36DD9E9A3087.jpeg
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    Default nominating my Winter Tree for WOTD

    added jammers
    improved i little
    first attempt of making wotd

    Name:  cute19.png
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    Battle royale in Growtopia!
    Name:  thebattlegrounds-1.png
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    Default SNOWDOWN ! Christmas Themed, nomination for WOTD 2018.

    World Name: SNOWDOWN
    Grow Id: HERS
    Storyline: Your parents are missing, with the help of your best friend, it guides you the right way, only to discover a mysterious icicles cave, will you be able to save your parents? Embark on this adventure !
    Song: Jingle Bells!

    Name:  snowdown.png
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    Last edited by iEon; 12-04-2018 at 09:29 AM. Reason: Update a better one
    If You Get Scammed , Dont Be Sad , No Matter How Much The Loss Is , Its Just A Game . Its For You To Have Fun ! :3

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    Default Nominating my Hopefully WOTD

    Name:  winterfestadventure-1.png
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    Might look ugly on renderworld but almost EVERYONE who joined my world thinks it deserves a WOTD and it got #85 adventure in 2 days after its completetion!!! how awesome is that ?

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    Red face Life of a Player

    Hi this is my first Wotd world in the game
    world about the time btw Winter and autumn
    world made to be easy and anyone can win with out wing
    so the new players can do it

    My name in game :Nelda
    World name : Thehappywinter

    render of the world

    thanks for your time
    Name:  thehappywinter.png
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    Default SpookyAdventure by Angols

    Hello everyone,
    I am late for this WOTD, but since christmas is just coming, I can try to get WOTD for few days by posting my world.
    In-game name - ANGOLS
    WOTD world: SpookyAdventure
    Rendered world for WOTD:
    Name:  spookyadventure (1).png
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    Good Luck on winning WOTD, everyone!

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    Default PASTLUCIS by iFrighten for WOTD?

    Since not all of us are quite ready to dive right in to the Christmas mood quite yet, I thought I'd nominate my world PASTLUCIS for a non-festive WOTD. I sure hope you love it!

    Owner/GrowID: iFrighten

    World Includes:
    -Pixel Arts
    -Well-written story
    -Fun and engaging parkour

    Here's the render:
    Name:  pastlucis.png
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    Thank you so much NekoRei for your consideration and time! It means a lot to newer players like me!

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    Default "scams" for wotd!

    Name:  scams.png
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    I've started the guides on nov-dec 2017 and finished it then. I've made the guide during an emo phase then when I lost 67dls (Well I've moved on and won't dwell on it)

    The maple leaf represent love and peace which imo gt have been slowly losing and losing but it is still present in my gt game experience. If you looked at the world render there is 6 maple leaves. Why 6? Play the adventure and you will know! Don't say I didn't warn you, eye-cancer alert

    Moving on to the anti-scam guides, imo it's about as detailed as I can do even tho I'm not done with about 5 scams yet be patient!

    It is certainly more updated than stopdontdrop. How many of you'll heard about the snowball scam?

    I sincerely hope your key takeaway from the world is learning & having fun at the same time.

    As a plus, There is an original music! Anti-gravity is also activated to aid newbies in the parkour. I've boosted the popularity of the world a bit by linking it to my buy+ worlds. This explains the vends you see below

    I've started renovating the world from 1st December onwards and the original was thisName:  scams.png
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    I've to admit that I copied the pixel art from Google: Just search maple leaf pixel art. Well i cmi in doing pixel art. But to make it my own creation I tweaked it in various orientation to fit a more natural style.

    Some critics may say that I'm teaching ppl how to scam.
    Yap I agree with your point of view but only when readers understand how something works then they can avoid it using their logical. To counter that point, I could also argue that Stopdontdrop is teaching ppl how to conduct a drop game and vend scam. It goes both ways. The data is there it's up to them how to use it. I believe in the good triumphing the evil!
    IGN : Minidroplets

    Proud Owner of Legendarymountains & Scams

    My favourite quote

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    Default Dare players/mods/devs.

    I havin a question about the rules, is it allowed to post another world of the day, how much i wan’t in this cycle, can someone respond to me please, i actually wanna build more worlds, it is kinda fun, Im not doing for the profits, is it allowed to make more WOTD, then once one in a cycle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowsYT View Post
    I havin a question about the rules, is it allowed to post another world of the day, how much i wan’t in this cycle, can someone respond to me please, i actually wanna build more worlds, it is kinda fun, Im not doing for the profits, is it allowed to make more WOTD, then once one in a cycle?
    If u read the first page of this thread, it says it's allowed
    IGN : Minidroplets

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    #Water Ancients [Super inactive there but watever]
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    Hi guys, today is winter. Your friends invite you to party in the winter tree. You will still go to the winter tree even though there will be many obstacles.

    -Zombie and Punch jammer
    -Weather machine -Snowy night
    -Pixel art
    Name:  thewinterparty.png
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    Default PLANEATTACK by; Smirky

    Welcome to Plane Attack, take on an adventure to escape a crashed plane, make it through the jungle and beat the map, hope everyone enjoys

    [Name:  planeattack.png
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    World Includes:
    -Zombie and Punch Jammer
    -Unique Storyline
    -VIP for winners

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    Are You Tempted To Travel To Unicorn Land? A Land Filled With Hot Air Ballons? And Has A Strong Desire To Travel? Growwonderlust Is Perfect For You Visit It And Complete It And Experience The Whole Journey Of Being In Unicorn Not Everyone Could Travel To Unicorn Land But You Growtopian Are Chosen

    World Include:
    1. Punch And Zombie Jammer
    2. Weather Machine-Night
    3. Song
    4. Hot Air Ballons/Unicorn Art
    5. Great Adventure
    6. Good Admin
    7. Lastly Respect

    I Hope You Will Select My World As World Of The Day Thank You For Taking Your Time To Read

    World RenderName:  growwonderlust-1.png
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Size:  234.8 KB

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    Name:  overthebeach.png
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    Hi, i made an adventure parkour world with Summer theme
    Story "Once, there was a kid call Rollie. He really like going to beach. Especially when summer. When it's summer. Rollie become excited because he know that he can go to the beach. There a lot of things happened on there. "
    Alot of fun there, i use some adventure items to make this parkour interesting
    Every level using different parkour skill
    This world is newbie friendly, so everyone can play without wings, parasol, airrob, etc.
    I use Beach Blast, P Z jammer, Pineapple Guard, Ghostcharm and more.
    I hope everyone enjoy.

    Level : 102

    Youtube Channel

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    The people who are bullying you, they're insecure about who they are, and that's why they're bullying you. It never has to do with the person they're bullying. They desperately want to be loved and be accepted, and they go out of their way to make people feel unaccepted so that they're not alone.

    Information about the world itself;
    Basically I made this world during the time when I used to have really good friends on Growtopia, There were like brother's and sister's to me. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and people grew to hate me for whatever reasons I did, which was nothing bad. I created this world to tell the people about how I used to be bullied during my 4 years of playing and how I've became the bigger and better person I am today.
    Tragedy & Comedy. Drama

    World Includes:
    • Good Storyline
    • Illusion & Puzzles
    • Parkour
    • Mind Puzzles
    • PZ Jammers
    • No Music, Sadly

    Name:  dramaillusion (1).png
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    I'm That Crazy Funny Guy That Will Always Make Ur Day Awesome B)


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    Default GrowtopiaWiki (A Full And Helpful Guide World)

    With The Help Of The Webpage "Growtopia Wiki Fandom", I Was Able To Convert All The Helpful Guides On The Internet Into A World. GrowtopiaWiki Has A Large Variety Of Guides Available Such As, But Not Limited To Event Guides, Mass Guides, Farmability Guides, Ancestral Guides and Entertainment Guides(Surgery, Fishing, Cooking, Startopia etc.) We Also Provide Many Information On The Store Items In Growtopia Such As Weather Machines, Packs And More. In Addition, We Had Asked Many Experienced Players To Provide Their Personal Comments And Opinion. With That In Mind, We Had Successfully Created Some Guides Which Aims To Help Newer Players Understand And Enjoy The Game To Its Fullest. Some Examples Are "Start A Business Guides, Economic Of The Growtopia Market, Managing WLS And DLS Effectively, Anti-Scam Guides And Many More".Name:  growtopiawiki.png
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    Default the happy winter

    its look like you guys dont like my world so added alot of new stuff in it

    my name in game :Nelda
    World name thehappywinter
    world render
    Name:  thehappywinter.png
Views: 37
Size:  296.0 KB

    world info
    z-p-fire-pineapple jammers
    world are made to be easy to win even with out wing
    world about winter and autumn
    cybot parkour

    all the empty wallpaper in the render are music blocks i am sorry for that but i cant fix it

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    the northpole has crowded due to Santas's attention. Over million peoples went to the north pole to meet santa . but all were changed. When santa missing, The elfs ask you to help to find missing santa. can you find the missing santa ?

    Name:  callmeclaus.png
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    Default I nominate this world for world of the day!

    Ok i don’t know if i can win again, but anyways i made another world of the day.
    Grow I’d : CowsYT.
    World name : CowKidnap.
    This world contains. Punch zombie jammer, fire house, and a awesome music called ”Jingle bells”. And a story.

    This world is about a ice calf parentes got kidnappad by ”unknown player”. And you are the ice calfs brother, and has to save they parenets by the way, the ice calf is shootin ice fire to make hole into the castle soo you can sneaky sneak into the castle and defeat the traps, and save your parents, and find a way to get home again. And here’s a pic of the world.

    Sorry i can’t uppload the photo is a glitch soo i used the link



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