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Thread: October Update!

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    Post October Update!

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    Hello, Growtopians!

    This monthly update has a lot of new things coming for you! Not just new items, but also updates to some existing systems!

    Let's get started with the new Item of the Month, the Shadow Spirit of the Underworld! This demon-like creature will follow you wherever you are. Be careful when staying still though, as this creature can possess you when you do!

    We're getting a new Growtoken Store item too - the Cat Eyes!

    Also, there will be looooots of updates to some systems coming this month!

    - You can now compress 100 Diamond Locks into a Blue Gem Lock! How cool is that?
    - Long awaited new Carnival game and new prizes! Wow!
    - New prize for the Wolfworlds! Awooo!
    - There are new Achievements for Startopia, Ancestral, BOO, Roles, and many more!
    - Accidentally named your guild with a silly name? Worry not as you can now change your Guild's name with the new Guild Name Changer Item! Yass!
    - The Ancestral Orb of Time is now available and can be upgraded up to Level 5 using the Ancient Altar.
    - The Night of the Comet's new item - the Magic Carpet!
    - Wriggling Tentacle! A new prize when you defeat Growlactacus! Gain 50 of these and you'll get the new pet, Tamed Looming Triffid, which fires slimey goodness at your foes!
    - Defeat a supervillain for a chance to get the new Heroic Tights of Prevention! They are colour shifting pants that prevent you from picking up floating items in your world. That is, if you just want them floating around, of course!
    - Break the Block of the Day for a chance to get the new Hour Glass and Red House Entrance items instead of the block of that day!
    - You wouldn't think stone wings could soar, but thanks to a thousand-year-old spell, the Stone Gargoyle Wings have the power to take you to the skies!
    - Set your hair afire with the energies of space and time! Inspired by HyperTech and made possible thanks to the mad science of Growtopia's test kitchens, the new Plasma Hair isn't just an electrifying fashion statement - it's also edible! WARNING: DO NOT EAT.
    - New prizes in Roles!

    How about that for a monthly update? Amazing, right?

    We’re super interested to see how you guys like it! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions here!

    Happy October, everyone!
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    Default October Update - Dev Diary!

    Hello, Growtopians!

    Ah, back on track! We’re kicking off the spookiest month of the year with an interesting new kind of update, and we really want to know what you think of it! See, for the past year, almost all of our updates have been focused on individual systems – Fishing, Ghost Hunting, Startopia, etc. – with the exception of Player Appreciation Week, which had us adding things across Growtopia. When we were planning out our schedule, we realized how cool PAW was in that it let us touch multiple systems at once, and add items in all kinds of nifty places. In the past, we’ve had to leave a lot of ideas and concepts on the cutting room floor because there either wasn’t enough time to add them to an already-full update, or because they weren’t big enough to “count” as an update on their own.

    This turned out to be a lot of stuff, and now it’s back in what we’ve been calling The Stuff Update! We’re adding tons of new achievements, a brand-new game (and associated prizes) to Carnival, new items for all Suppliers and new recipes for Crafters, a brand-new Artifact with a bunch of new associated items to help construct and upgrade it, a bunch of new item drops scattered across Growtopia’s systems, and a couple of other surprises, as well! The goal here is to bring in a big raft of extras and upgrades for everyone, rather than folks who are invested in one system or way of playing. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that our updates are always favoring one group or another, so this marks a new approach: Something for everyone, rather than everything for a handful of someones. The downside, of course, is that these additions are spread thin, so an update like this risks feeling light even if the number of items being added is equivalent to a standard update (and it is)!

    Because this is such a different approach to our normal updates, please let us know how this works out. Your comments and criticisms are highly valued, especially when we’re trying something new. We look forward to your thoughts!

    Oh, and as a quick follow-up note, Summer Clash has ended! Fantastic battles and prizes were had, but now the season has drawn to a close, so it’s time to rest up and relax! Because we recognize that not everyone will have had the time to log on after getting their rewards from the last weekend’s events, we’ve decided to leave the reward claim page up for one more week. There will not be another event to help you earn more, but the rewards page will stay up until next Monday to ensure you all have a chance to claim any remaining prizes! Hurry – after this week, they’re gone for good!

    Have fun, my friends, and don’t forget: Halloween is coming soon!
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