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    Default GrowStocks | Staff Application

    Yup! You heard it right, GrowStocks is back in business and we need proficient people to help with editing of items.

    Palette of payments:

    First 100 edits per month: 5WLs

    100 extra edits: 5WLs
    500 extra edits: 12WLs

    Make sure to meet these requirements:
    • You have a Forum or Growtopia account that is 2 months or older.
    • Use discord. (Register Here)
    • Be in our discord server. (Our Official Discord Server)
    • Basic knowledge about about what is items trending and demand.

    If you meet all requirements listed above, you can apply for one of positions available.

    1. Editor - Editing Items (We are looking for 25 Editors)

    2. Trender - Sets Popular Items as Trending (We are looking for 2 Trenders)

    3. Support Team - Talks with peoples, on live chat to help them. (We are looking for 1 Peoples)

    • You must attach at least one photo of your account information proving that your account is at least 2 months older. (We may make exceptions )
    • All requirements with an * are requiered. Applications without answers to * questions will be denied.
    • E-mail question is optional as is only used if people want to use another email either than from they send application.
    • Do NOT post any applications in this thread, they will be ignored and it will expose password you choice to hundreds of users.
    • Any applications posted in this thread will be ignored.

    - Forms have to be sended at for us to review.
    - Any concers regarding this application can be asked in our official discord server, this thread or at
    - Applications may take up to 5 days for being reviewed.
    - Either your application is denied or approved, we will reply.

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