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    Default GrowStocks | The Online Stock Market

    Hello, fellow Growtopians!

    Here's a quick overview and guide on how to use GrowStocks.

    Let's begin exploring GrowStocks, might we?

    What is GrowStocks?
    GrowStocks, as the name says, is a stocks market for Growtopia. Except, it's not totally like it. The admins over there decided to up the concept a little bit, and provide Investment guides, prices and alot of information about an item, to help investors choose the right item to invest on.

    Who runs GrowStocks?
    The project itself was founded by Matteu, but he then decided to work on a new branch called "Worlds" on which he will work on in December.
    Matteu transferred the ownership to MrAugu and DataCell.
    MrAugu manages the project, he is responsible of applications, editors, even he develops the GrowStocks bot.
    DataCell is the website developer, he is the one who codes all the stuff on the website.
    Without forgetting the amazing team of editors who edit items regularly! Huge shoutout to them! (You can apply to be one here)

    So, how can this help me?
    For that, we'll break down GrowStocks into many small parts which we will describe.

    1. The landing page
    When you visit, this page will greet you
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    In there, you have a navigation bar to help you navigate through pages, a search box to search for items, and the body.

    What's in the body?
    First, you'll see the "Most searched item" box. This box basically updates each time an item is visited the most by users like YOU!
    Then, we'll see featured investments, those are handpicked by our Trender team. Those items are hot items worth checking.
    After that, you'll see the Mining section which helps support GrowStocks, and the Twitter section where you can see the latest tweets by GrowStock's twitter.

    Searching for an item
    Searching for an item is easy, just type the name of the item you want to search in the search box and hit enter, this should show up:
    Name:  unknown-1.png
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    It will show you the search results of your query alongside with the item's price and drop/rise rate.
    To get more information on an item, just click on its box!

    The item's page
    This one's a bit trickier than the others, but we'll break it down to spoilers
    Attachment 206590

    So let's break it down!

    - Price:

    - I am investing on ___ chandelier:

    - Spend:

    - Profit:

    - Rate:

    - Price Status:

    - Demand Status:

    - GrowStocks Says:

    - Report Item(button):

    - The Graph:

    Need help?
    Our Support Team is online almost 24/7 to help you and give answers. You can contact them using Chat Icon at the bottom right of almost any page.
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    Have a nice journey using GrowStocks!
    - The GrowStocks team

    Special Thanks to DataType for writing this article. Press F to pay respects.
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