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    Default Whats new?

    For a few months i have stopped playing growtopia. But recently i decided to go back and see whats changed. Has there been any major changes in Growtopia? BTW does anyone know when the Halloween event will start. (This was written before I went back into the game)
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    Welcome back! There's been heaps of new updates over the last couple of months, including some fancy new Items-Of-The-Months, but also some actual awesome new features to the game! Take Startopia, for example, an interesting new game-mode type of thing where you can embark on adventures in space (text-based space, that is!). Harvest festival rolled around with some cool new items, including a brand-new type of mooncake called Purity Mooncake, along with some other splashy items and sets. If you're a fan of the Assassin's Creed series you'll be excited to know that Ezio's set was recently added to the game! The recent Role Up! update introduced some motivation behind pursuing your specific playstyle. Then there was of course Summerfest, Easter Week, etc... There's been so much stuff added that I could never put all of it here, but you'll probably get settled in just fine!

    Edit: About the Halloween Event: There's been no confirmation yet, but all of the Halloween Weeks in the past have started around the end of the month, so it's safe to assume we won't have to wait too much longer!
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    Welcome back! There's a new update. You can choose a role that you like to play with. Keep upgrading your level with this role and getting cool stuff. Actually a lot of IOTMs has been added in the game!
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