I just played Deltarune a few days ago and after an hour playing it then closed the game, when I came back that my save file was lost Idk why. Then I wanna start all over again and it took too long for me to reach my last save lol I think it was after meeting Ralsei he's a cute fluffy wizard though. I opened cheat engine and sped up the game with 5x the speed lmao. The moment where it gets intense when I encountered Lancer's first 2 attacks with such speed lol, I even managed to dodge em all idk why but I think its good. Maybe I've been blessed by 2hu, CAVE and Jaimers91 for giving me such dodging skills kek.

Anyway, deltarune is a good game and also free that you should try it and Im not regrettin trying it and you may be too hahaha

Just Sharing, likely no one will care lol.

PS: Ralsei is a cute goat wizard, period.
PPS: If you dont know Jaimers91, Eh.