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    Default Battle pets

    Well,this is just an idea,there may be flaws to it,let me know.
    Anyway,as you know,Growtopia added battle pets a while ago, it was a cool idea and all...but they never really followed up on it(for example,sugery got that new startopia bed and Ghost hunting got the Boss Ghost). I think growtopia should do a few things to follow this event up.
    1) Firstly,make an official battle pet world for casual play. This would would have naturally spawning Battle pet trainers that if beaten give 50 gems. And if other players can't beat them,for every player that played previously and lost,the reward goes up by 10 gems. There would be 20 trainers in a world at a time to make sure everyone can play or can wait in line(maybe give CARNIVAL mechanics where you wait in line). This would make battle pets slightly more fun,not give an OP reward and train people against all sorts of matches.
    2) More variety. Battle pets were not followed up well. I didn't know this fact until a few weeks ago,but did you know something like Scepter of the Honor Guards, Tamed Looking Triffid, Shadow Spirit of the Underworld and other pets can't become pets?!?!?! What Madden is this? (For those who will say the Shadow spirit is an IOTM,fun fact,rayman fist can become a yea....). Adding more pet abilities will make more variety to the mix.
    3) New concepts/items. This is also "more variety" but in another way. It would basically add items like what I'd like to call "Gene-Changer" where it could make a fire move a water move if you wanted(changing attack types). This would not Chang the actual let's attribute though. Other ideas would be pet attacks that take up 2 attack slots(although I can't think of a move that would not be OP and would need 2 slots). As well as these,why don't you add more effects when things are attacking or even idle animations?
    (Side item idea that might be to annoying to add) Pet Trainer Bag- It allows you to have more than 2 battle pets without needing a cage. To select the pets you want, you would wrench yourself and bring up a menu or just taking off and putting back on your battle leash alot.
    4)Make the battle pet fighting screen more unique. Simple redesign will do.

    These ideas can possibly improve the fighting style and popularity of battle pets which needs some love. Thanks.
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    +1 Yep Pet battle is getting boring now (My opinion)

    How long did you spend for this idea ?
    I'm remorseful for i did cringe in the past time
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    Yes +1
    Awesome idea!
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