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Thread: Mad Hatter price discussion

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    Default Mad Hatter price discussion

    The Mad Hatter is super cheap (~100-200wls) for some reason. Atleast so it was earlier today and it was not just price manipulation, I actually bought some for 150wls each. I have no idea why it's so cheap. So let's discuss the price here and throw our guesses why it is so cheap. And if somebody has some valid information, that would also be awesome!

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    Earlier on there was loads of price manipulators going on in BuyMadHatter, some people actually fell for it and sold theirs for a whole DL. Went sleep for an hour and it dropped from 13dls to presumably 150wls. Went there and it was just a bunch of buyers trying to buy for really cheap (50WLs). Needless to say theres less stocks than cameleons, it's underrated.

    It doesn't even make sense. First hat with pickaxe mod and has also its own unique effect, would rather wear that than cameleon.
    Finally something outside of dracoscarf and shoulder cannon I can wear with R fist.
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