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Thread: Stations calculations? + Questions

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    Arrow Stations calculations? + Questions

    - So I currently got about 180wls and 3k stations.

    My goal is to one day open a break for gems world (is this still worth it=?). Soooo I am trying to harvest stations at least 1x a day so is there any calculator for me to calculate how long will it take me to get to 10 more dls?

    I am selling fuel packs 13-14/wl with those chemicals.

    - Mybe I could start making any high rarity things because its winterfest coming and people need high rarity for goblin?

    - Also I had an idea to make a game world kinda something unique I really have a nice idea in my head but I would need a rare world name and gems to broadcast soooo its best to take care of myself first (Get magplants and a really nice daily profit) and than start having real fun in this game?

    - How much profit can I get with bfg service?
    - Do people still come to your world to break peppers,chands ...
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    Use the beastly science stat calculator to calculate the amount of chems. However, here is an updated calculator someone else made that can calculate fuel packs.
    Updated post:

    Bfg is worth it because I farm 8500 science stats, and it's a pain, and you don't even get that many wls. I am probs gonna open a bfg soon for gem profits.



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