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Thread: Should i start doing Startopia?

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    Question Should i start doing Startopia?

    Hi! My name is YukiFune! And i would you to ask about this topic.

    I would like you to know that i have tons of gems and world locks to start doing startopia and I am not focusing on the Startopia Role.

    Startopia is like surgery but MORE GALACTIC.

    Please reply by answering these questions:
    1. Which is better? SELLING GALA PACKS or Using the packs.
    2. Which is better to do? Startopia or Surgery.
    3. What are the best things to get from Startopia?
    4. Is it worth it?
    5. Average Expenses on World locks to keep doing Startopia.
    6. Finally, Would you recommend it?

    Thank you for your help. This helps me a lot!
    One in a Million! I'm YukiFune!
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    1. Depends, it sells for a good amout of wls rn, but if u want easy tools use it
    2. I'd say startopia, cuz more fun
    3. Infinity horn, i think thats the name. 80 dls rn (?)
    4. Anything that have rng isn't worth it
    5. I would. So much fun doing it
    Summary: Fun but kills your wallet fast
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