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    Cool Reviewing WOTD

    Hey, my name is IamWood. I decided to review today's WOTD, to prepare for one thing I want to do in the future. I am doing this more for myself to spot things that I like and don't like, so I can avoid mistakes or make improvements in my own worlds.


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    It is parkour world with a story. The first thing I noticed, was the story. For me it was a bit confusing. A guy feel in deep sleep, nobody could wake him up and he dreamt of building parkour and claiming it as the best beach in Growtopia. You have to escape it before the guy wakes up and you get stuck there forever. Story is cheesy, but people don't usually read them. I did not like it too much, and making it without story would not change the course of game.

    Second thing that was in the world were adventure items. Usage was simple, but effective. You had to complete four separate rooms in order to collect an adventure item from each one and later escape through an adventure door, where the last room awaits you, and after completing it, you win. I liked the parkour and it's concept.

    Parkour was difficult, which is good, but people with no parasol or wings would have a very frustrating time.

    Word also claimed that there are riddles, but those riddles were mostly collecting letters and wasn't that fun. It was good, but could have been better if you had to use brain.

    Building is debatable. At first glance the building looks very random and all over the place, but story says it is a dream, and dreams are like that. I like such funkiness and it is not bad at all.

    Also I find it a bit disrespectful if the trophy is sold the very first day of winning (I don't know if the owner sold it, but I know it was not in the world). That is just my opinion and you should not listen to it if you think that selling the first day is good.

    So conclusion:

    #Fun building style, good pixel art.
    #Adventure items applied simply and effectively
    #Difficult and entertaining obstacles

    #Teased us that there will be riddles, but they weren't even riddles.
    #Parkour could have been made possible without wearing specific items.
    #Story was messy and confusing.

    Tried to be positive and practice a bit before I do 'My World of the Week' post, where I will choose one out of 7 last WOTDs that I liked the most.
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