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Thread: What should I do as a beginner and what is a great mass item?

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    Default What should I do as a beginner and what is a great mass item?

    Hi, I wanted to get some tips on what to do with a low budget(5-15 WLs). My friend reccomends me to mass red blocks but I still haven't begun doing so. I have about 0.7k ftank seeds leftover from my previous account. If you're saying "if you used to play this game how don't you know?", here is the answer ; all of those days mean nothing as because I only spent time paying money to get some WLs and minimodding on the forum(trust me i am no longer that guy).

    So in summary, I have 0.7k ftank seeds, a low budget and I have no idea what to do.
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    I would suggest to you that you continue to farm those fish tanks daily and gain some capital to start massing anything of significance. For starters, massing red blocks is okay but it is extremely tedious to sell. So i would suggest you to farm, get at least 100k gems, spend on SSP packs(if u are hard working) or surgery packs/startopia tools packs. You should be looking at an exchange of about 60-70 wls for about 100k of gems. Continue to repeat this until you have a capital of 5 dls. Then you can begin to mass items which can effectively double your wls!!

    Do pm me if you have more questions or whatsoever! I be happy to offer any assistance LOL!!
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    I suggest you to mass bed.
    buy 600 chair seed, price is 60+/wl in ssp vend. so it cost around 10wls.
    then, buy 600 grass seed for 3wls, and buy cave bg seed 600 seed for 200/hl.

    splice grass seed+cave bg seed= mushroom
    chair seed+ mushroom seed= bed

    you will get around 540 bed seed. many people buy it for 20/wl
    I got profit around 13wls from doing this with cost 14wl.
    if u have more wls, u can continue to mass clouds.

    sry for my bad English.

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    I don’t recommend that you start massing, massing is only good when you have more wls. What I do recommend is spend the rest of your wls on even more fishtanks, and then sell them 100/1 blocks during winterfest. After you sell them then buy a fishing rod and wiggly worms to fish up decorations to sell.
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