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Thread: "Low-key" seriousness about next summer clash.

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    Default "Low-key" seriousness about next summer clash.

    Ok,well I've realized something a while ago and i feel like this should kind of go with "Value Discussion".
    Anyway, as many people should know, the Summer Guild Clash. It was a 4 month long event and had 5 branches in total.
    Now we are here at Winter Guild Clash....and well....only 4 branches total.
    I'm pretty sure in one of the Update Discussion or something that a mod(Neko maybe) said everyone lost interest by the 4th month when the 4th branch came out so they decided for the winter one to have 4 branches.
    They also said they plan to make the next Summer Guild Clash 4 branches.....

    Now the problem is.....
    That means they removed a whole branch. That would mean every single item in one branch would no longer be available.
    For example,the first branch with the Glove of Giants. Let's say they choose to remove that branch. That would mean all the items in it would be gone too. (Summer Blaster Shirt,Amulet,ect.)
    This could apply to any branch though. So it could be any of them.

    (Just a note to people who think all the rewards are limited btw, I just want to point out that the only confirmed items not coming back is the last item of every branch and the final branch)

    Any of you guys have any ideas how Growtopia may plan to remedy this? (Personally I invested on every 2nd last branch item in case they remove it though.) If they don't...well,either the Amulet of Force,Extractor Dynamo, Dance Master's Crown, or Squirrel King's Tail will be removed/no longer obtainable!

    To end my thoughts out I want to say this.
    I hope Growtopia doesn't bring back the second last branch items personally,but I'm guessing they will. So I'm just curious if they will still somehow keep all 4 2nd last branch items or remove one.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think the last prize on each branches will change, however the ones before will stay the same.
    I do think extractor dynamo SHOULD return
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