Recently I've been seeing a ton of "quitting giveaways" or "giveaways" that go along the lines of "biggest donator gets to win the grand prize" and these scams are just heightened by the royal locks effects. The royal lock completely prevents players from warning other players about a scam and in my opinion, violates the Growtopia rule of "fair play".

Just today I saw this scam happening with a royal lock. The sad thing is that these scams are a dime a dozen.
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(reported, screenshot, and left of course)

The royal lock needs to be redesigned. It is completely unfair to restrict all players' speech within a world. Royal locks block trade, create scams, and make Growtopia less of a fun place.

Could you guys upload any other grievances you have with the royal lock and your overall opinions on it? Hopefully we can get Ubidev's attention because I really hope this issue can be solved.