SALAKAU is a very inclusive guild and we make sure anyone who is in our guild is well taken care off.
1)You can take some swearing in GCs
2)Contribute at least 1 point in every event (Does not apply to surg,starship and cooking)
3)Its ok if you dont wanna farm but we do have a free bfg for members that you could put your farmables in

~Free BFG
~Inclusive guild (mostly)
~Most active 7-8pm till 2-3am singapore time
~You can meet new friends!!!!

~Our GC is fast to anger if you troll him
~Our Gwarp is SAHLAKKAU and not SALAKAU (RAILWAY give us world plz)
~Our GCs are mostly swear filled

If you are interested please dont hesitate to drop by SAHLAKKAU or msg Zedivh/Raid , RasistinG , or StartKr for application! Thanksss