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First of all its pretty ironic that you called OP stupid at your first post than you answer me back and try to counter me by telling me your IQ. While you ****ing did same as i did in your first post. Second how you can compare my and your statement, while my statement is about your statement. What kind of a logic you need to have to compare those 2 lmfao ???????? Third, thank you for proving me what kind of a moron you are for second time by telling me that butt licking and defending the wrong side just because they have power is kindness and not mini modding. Also calling people stupid is pretty much kindness as well so right lol. And as last you damn f..k who the f..k are you to delete my forum account while i know at least 10 times more sh*ts than you do in this forum i probably know and friends with 10 times more people in forums than you are i even had a squad with forumers back in time and you fresh ass come to me telling me to delete my account because nobody like my attitude. Well ill give you a basic answer ‘Gtfo’. Thank you for reading ; )
Triggered much?