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Thread: GT story: GrowTopian and the power of 200IQ

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    Default GT story: GrowTopian and the power of 200IQ

    A really Wise man lived... Maybie a woman... Hecc do I know...21st century is confusing... Anyway...
    The man was existent and even had a name!
    BiteLord was his name...
    A really strong, ancient power was gifted to him... The power that could do anything... The power, no other GrowTopian had... Atleast of the ones I knew...
    So the power... It was a really great power... It was the power of 200IQ...

    BiteLord could do anything with it... But the only problem...

    Just as you thought this story will be about him... PLOT TWIST!
    *Le 0IQ skemmer1 appears*

    *0iq skemmer: Wkwkwk will skem power 200iq from nab and me use to rich!

    *Skems power of 200iq from BiteLord*

    *Le now 200Iq skemmer: (now in 200IQ english) mein gott! I am now capable of realising all the wrong doings that I have accomplished, thus I shalt bring my wrongs to an end

    *Switch teams*
    *Joins team " SmartTopian"

    *200IQ SmartTopian: I shalt put the great power I had claimed from this motionless being to a splendid use!

    I shalt ensure the education of ourst community of puny worms...

    *Makes a 200IQ English SB*
    RE1: TF noob, speak London normal...
    RE2: Por favor?
    RE3: donate pro
    RE4: u wot m8?
    RE5: yes
    RE6: what u say?
    RE7: want play dropgem?
    RE8: kys nub

    ... But RE9 was different from others...
    RE9: u has 200iq? Plz com pru...

    *200IQ SmartTopian does some questioning on the grammatical rightness of the last RE:, but decides to warp

    *Someone: Thou are welcome...
    *200IQ SmartTopian: whomst aret thou?
    *Someone: this shalt remain in mistery, but I possest samet powert ast thou!
    *200IQ SmartTopian: Gutt! Witht thoust we shalt enfixent ourst community!

    *With the United powers of 200IQ our heroes /SBs random Shakespeare's stuff, and slowly the IQ and morality of GrowTopia increases...

    Soon, with higher IQ, people stop falling for scams and withst increasingt morality of thous GrowTopianst allst evilst inst GrowTopiast presish ...

    Wait... TF ... Did I just *Coughst* *Coughst* Catch *Coughst* 200IQ English by making this? *Coughst* ohst noest! *Coughst*! *COUGHST!*
    Started from the bottom, now I dug even deeper!

    My latest video: A surreal GT video

    The perfect game dosen't exi...

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    Nice story...
    I am LightX, call me Light not Elyrion
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