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Thread: [FANFIC] NekoRei Joins BiteLordism - NekoRei Chronicles Part 5.1

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    Default [FANFIC] NekoRei Joins BiteLordism - NekoRei Chronicles Part 5.1

    My first fanfic ever. I know this is trash and not as epic as MadameZ's stories but it'd be great if you read this. Enjoy!

    Jamew7 says "wkwkwkwk suomi suomi fight memememem owowowo" and then NekoRei gets angry >((((((
    NekoRei slaps Jamew7 and left him for dead :OOOOO but suddenly BiteLord appeared again!!!!!! ((((((
    "oh nonono no no wkwkwkwkwkWKWKWKW im a good malaysian mommy with power to defeat you little 200IQ English kid" says NekoRei DDDDD
    Ubisoft Indonesia turned into a fight arena!!!!! :'(((((
    "peace, I will stOOOPPPP fighting with you little mommy!" BiteLord said
    NekoRei: "no U I wAnT to KiLl YoU wkwkwkwk"
    BiteLord says "i give 200 magplants k" /fpfpfpfpfp
    BiteLord starts saying the origin and importance of his own religion called BiteLordism and persuades NekoRei our mommy to join his bitelordism
    BiteLord said "nekoreii love u <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 u so kawaii"
    nekorei felt in love with bitelord <3<3<3<33<3< and N3ko joined bitel3rdism and became a bitelordist!!!! but what will happen next!?!?!? !!!! (((((

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