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Thread: Anniversary Week (Updated 1/6)

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    Default Anniversary Week (Updated 1/6)

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    Hello Growtopians!

    January 4th marks our SIXTH ANNIVERSARY! We warmly welcome and invite you to celebrate this date along with all of your friends!

    Unique and awesome party items will be making random appearances in your worlds - nab the pieces to the ultimate party and help us rejoice on this special date! Let's kick this celebration into Euphoria!

    Don't forget to check out the rest of the January update:

    Item of the Month: Drone - a new leash that follows you around, buzz-bombs your targets, and comes in different colors!
    A new Winter Clash Branch and Legendary Branch Item is now available!
    Treasure Hunt - Sift through icy terrain and ruins for pieces of a larger puzzle! Can you put together the clues and unlock the treasures of the gods?

    Happy Anniversary, everyone!

    Patch Note 2.986 (Anniversary Content Update):

    - Super Party Launcher – it is obtained randomly for consuming the Golden Party-In-A-Box.
    - Floating Speakers – rare item.
    - Black Party Table – normal item.
    - Hexagon Block – to mark 6 years anniversary of Growtopia!
    … plus more! (you have to discover them yourselves)

    Winter Clash
    - Winter Freezer Cuddly Fox Scarf – clothing item.
    - Doppelganger Projector – parkour block.
    - Sprites Robes – super cool item.
    - Sonic Buster Sword – Legendary Item
    … plus more! (you have to discover them yourselves)

    Share your feedback with us. Post 'em here.

    Anniversary Week is extended for 1 day to compensate for the one day that we disabled the Party System due to the server instability.

    Official announcement also posted here.

    ~ NekoRei
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    Default PARTY (RE-)STARTED!

    It’s time to get the PARTY (RE-)STARTED!

    As you may have noticed, we had to take down the point system leading to Euphoria due to some technical issues, but fear not, it’s now back!
    We had to make some changes to it though, and even if they can be frustrating to some players, we believe it’s better for the mechanics overall (and well, for the servers too ).

    The main change is that the Euphoria status in a world cannot be obtained for the entire duration of the Anniversary Week anymore. It will be lost as soon as a world becomes inactive.
    However, in order to compensate this, we have significantly lowered the amount of points needed to reach Euphoria, so we should have many more worlds partying, yay!

    So consume party items in your world to get the PARTY STARTED! Once the place is jumping, and the music is pumping, keep consuming party items to reach EUPHORIA!
    Make sure you stay in the world and keep partying to receive a euphoric prize; a party world can’t be a party with no Growtopians in it!

    As always let us know what you think!




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