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Thread: Can someone explain to me how the gold drone is 20dls

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    Default Can someone explain to me how the gold drone is 20dls

    This is the stupidest price manipulation of all time. It all started when owner of buydrone puts the price of gold drone to 20dls + (RISING). And came the sellers who were selling 20dls plus. Then came the buyers who offered for rayman. When I asked my friend, he told me that the gold drone is super rare and has pickaxe effect. Wow, pickaxe effect, time to sell my pickaxe. Seriously though, this useless drone is surpassing rayman price? If it gets to 30dls, someone hack my account please.
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    Because owner manipulates price.

    That's it.
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    Ok,tell me your password.Just kidding

    Well,Gold drone are very rare, getting it from the Shop is almost like getting a good stuff from valentine...maybe that why it's rising.. but the price like 10+ dls..

    A cool fact about the gold drone,the price is ~5 dls but since the owner making it expensive and no one selling it.... Which lead to price malnipulation WHILE it pickaxe effect,or maybe because people want it but no seller

    Yes ik I copy what you said,but uh I have to get out of my chest,because I really want that drone but it's to expensive while despite it's having a pickaxe effect...which the effect that I love
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    u mean, y do u live? :(


    It's literally 20+dls right now.

    Jamew7 made a video spending 16m gems and NOT getting any golden drone. Then the owner of buydrone advertised that video and then yeah... you guessed it right. It rised.

    I love how Ubisoft said they want the item of the month to be available for all people (They even added the tesseract stuff and the beacon to balance things out with the magplant issue) but they ended REPEATING what they did before. They don't want the IOTMs to be high on price so that people could afford them but they made an ultra rare golden drone which costs 20+ dls.

    The magplant being 12dls even became an issue that time. Now we've got a golden drone at 20+dls.

    I'm not complaining about it being expensive since I don't want it, it's basically just a pet. It's just that the rarity of it is too much for being an IOTM.

    I'm just saying that they're contradicting themselves. Well, it's just my opinion ;d don't hate me pls.

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    I don’t know but the chance to get it is like bob from surg or ghc from golden chest
    And you know because it’s “useless” Ubisoft needed to find a way to make players buy it
    Aside from making it op so they made many colours making people buy it to try getting the gold one
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    well maybe some rich people need some dls to waste for collection? xD

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