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Thread: Best Farmable?

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    Default Best Farmable?

    I have 6 world locks and as much as I hate farming this is the only way I'm gonna get up there.
    So I need assistance, what would be the best farmable?
    Keep in mind I only play on weekends due to school and such, I thought Chands but they are very costly so anything else?
    Is it maybe worth it to buy chands at such a low budget?

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    Don't do low budget chands. I should know.

    If you got an IRL friend, buy pepper seeds and offer them xp and gems for them to farm for you. You'll make some good passive profit while you can't play. However, if you yourself can't play daily, then I'm not sure what to do. Peppers once a week are eh, but they're still good for low budget. Not sure what else you can do farming wise, but if you can play on Fridays or holidays and such, try to profit off of events. Valentines is really for pros to get GHC, but St. Paddys you can do Blarney, Easter you can chill honestly just run from world to world and find some eggs (in my first year of gt, I did this and earned 23 wls this way. I was on break though, so I had time). I'm not really a pro at profitting in this game, but that's what I'd suggest for now. Sorry I can't offer more, but I hope what I said can help.

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    Omg thank you so much bro.
    Your help is highly appreciate friend.
    I am gonna try and farm daily, I think I can make an hour a day to do that.
    I don't have friends who play Growtopia so I'll just do it myself.
    Thanks anyways

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    Pepper or fishtanks are the best choices.
    Choose fishtanks, while pepper gives more gems and are good for budget over 20wls, fishtanks grow in 1/2 the time(1day) and thus you can farm 2x the amount. Switch to pepper after u get 20wls tho. Unless you wanna break ur hand.

    If u hv an irl friend borrow, not ask for donation, but just borrow like 20wls, it should start you off and remove like 5-10 hours of grinding.

    Bfgs are a good idea, and NjrlBFG is a free reliable one.
    If u idk what a bfg is make another thread to ask.
    In a pepper bfg when on computer and being the most efficient u can u can gain 900gems/5mins.
    If u on phone most likely 700gems/5mins.

    To use ur gems, get 12000gems. This is easily done over two days.

    Buy a surgery pack and lock a random world, dropping ur surgery pack there.
    Sell the world in BuySurg for 7.5wls+key, or 8.5wls total. Key refers to the wl u used to lock the world.
    8.5wls is either 8wls and 2hl, 8wls and offer, or 8wls but without the heart monitor from the pack.

    Invest those wls into pepper when ur budget is over 20wls after selling ur fish tanks.
    When you have too much pepper to farm everyday, sell the excess and save gems for 24000gems. This way you can sell two surg packs for 15wls+key.
    Or, you can choose to save gems for an event where you can buy pristine items from the shop. Sell them in BuyPristine.

    BuyPepper is where to buy/sell pepper.
    BuyFishTank is where to buy/sell fishtanks.
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    I was an hardcore farmer before, but now I am a lazy turtle. I will try to help you with farmables and give you some tips.

    I prefer farming pepper tress, because they are really good. You will get a lot of gems and a lot of XP by breaking/harvesting them. A lot of people use this farmable, way better than fish tanks!

    Save up wls to buy rayman or magplant, do mass projects and stuff like that to earn more wls. With rayman this is going to be really easy.

    I wish you good luck with your farming!
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    Thank you all, as of yesterday I was able to buy 300 pepper seeds, this should be a good, start, with some gems I had from a bfg world I sold 2 Pristine Scanners for an easy 4 wls and used the rest to upgrade backpack space. I now have 4 wls and 300 peppers, I think I am doing well so far.

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    There are always people looking for workers or world clearers on here.

    You can earn upwards of 5wls to clear a world depending on the player.

    There are also people who are looking for others to farm for them, harvest for them, or break for them.

    When I first started playing this game, I worked for 2 different players breaking their stuff almost nightly. I made 2-5 wls every night just doing that.

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    Might I suggest farming stuff like wood block, grass, brick, glass pane, etc? Ik when I actually started taking the game seriously back in January 2018 (I already had tons of experience so I knew what to do) I farmed bricks and it took me a short while (like 2 hours or so) to get from nothing to 30 wls, then I did a science station mass with my wls and got to 60, then by the time february rolled around I had enough gems from farming fishtanks to buy the valentines weather machines and I got my first dl from that



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