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Thread: How to gain world locks?

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    Default How to gain world locks?

    Hi! My name is EndedJ, and i've been wondering how to get more world locks, since i've really only gotten a tiny bit higher than 2 diamond locks (from harvest festival songypeons), and i'm looking for help. I'm trying to set up a small small seed pack vending shop world, but have been farming for the gems needed to buy the vending machines. If anyone could give me a way to get more world locks, please direct message me with discord! My discord username is EndedJ#0080, If you can help, that would be highly appreciated! Bye!

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    Just saying, 2dls is way too little for a ssp. Just farm from bfgs and sell sure packs or something

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    I don't have a discord...

    BFG or farm are the best option for you,your budget quite limited...when you have 5 diamond locks you can buy yourself a science station farm to have a daily income which is okay I guess....

    Massing is okay! And also if ya want, buy wheat and break it,and plant it,and harvest it then repeat,when you have enough grind it to make some wheat,and you can sleep it for profit when it's the cooking guild event..

    For now,SSP and rsp shop,ya can't really do it since your budget is limited [2dls]
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    mass plumbing , i have many seeds to sell

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    Don't do Ssp vends. There are a lot of competitors, and u certainly won't make a lot of profit with 2dls. I recommend farming and selling Startopia packs.
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