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Thread: How to not get scammed

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    Default How to not get scammed

    Due to Growtopia Anniversary celebrated, I am going to share techniques to stop getting scammed. These are obvious but people still fall for it.

    This a few tips on how to not get scammed for years to come.

    1) No Gambling. ( There are gambling worlds where it is legit and they just want to let you "profit" off other people, but most of them are basically people trying to milk every single world lock off you )

    Gambling worlds: (If you really want to gamble illegally I recommend only budgetting a small amount of world locks) [ I DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT ] ( But if you want to have some fun or test it out you should do that advice )

    Dirt Games


    2)Never trust a single person that plays Growtopia.

    3)Outright Scams

    4) Trading Scams

    4)Don't participate in sketchy stuff and take every single precaution doing social activities.

    This is basically a TLDR. Just don't participate in any sketchy games and take every single precaution.

    Anything to add? Just post your techniques. For me and others to look at.

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    Don’t trust anyone.

    I just saved you from 15 mins of reading.

    Thancc DavidDoesPbg

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    Soo is by using super rocket smer blast,SSU,and harvest sythe illegal...? Since it's gambling after all
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    What i got from this:
    Only trust people that arent single



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