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Thread: Battle pets will rise again!

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    Default Battle pets will rise again!

    So recently I thought about checking battle pets out again, I went to one of the world and noticed it was pretty empty. The last time we had a battle pet update was December 1st *2016*. So I was thinking about what we could do for pet battles and what can drive people back to pet battling and also looking into what is driving them away from pet battles? Let's talk about what you get for pet battling. There are 2 ways to obtain items from pet battles, by either battling pet trainers or by participating in the grand tournament. I think we would need another way to earn items, something on par with crime,surgery and startopia missions. My suggestions would be a token you could buy from the store that when you beat someone in a pet battle turns into a prize, not quite the same as using multiple tools such as in crime,surgery or startopia. Note if you lose a pet battle the other persons token instead gets turned into a prize, but yours stay in your backpack until you beat someone.

    Another thing that is driving people away are the lack of new battle pets. in 2018 I could only find 1 new battle pet, that being the rayman fist! All the other pets of 2018 weren't possible to turn into a battle pet, which is very disappointing for everyone expecting something new, this is worse than what clash royale does.

    Lets also talk about price, once the battle pet is caged you can no longer get it back and this makes it lose a lot of its value + you need to pay 10 world locks for each additional pet, this discourages players from using their beloved dragon as a battle pet. We need a way to get our pets back from when they get caged so they won't lose their, it's cheaper to just buy a battle pet than to just make your own. Another thing is we need to eliminate any presence of p2w, we need to make cheap pets on par with expensive ones as to not discourage the less wealthy, they can be good in their own way but not overshadow every other pet in the game. A good example of cheap an powerful pets would be something like the dinosaurs, they only cost around 10 wls and do a good amount of damage. The dryad and moose cap would also be good examples as the only cost around 1-2 wls and do good damage with added effects such as healing and breaking shields. We would need balance changes every now and again to make sure the meta doesn't collapse.

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    Pet battle is still my favorite feature of the game.

    I usually pet battle at least once a week but mostly it's more than that.

    Although it seem pointless but still better than boring farming.
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    Well, I still have my Summerfrograbbit and Hoppiburronymph, I battle every so often but it gets fewer as less people are interested in pet battling.....

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    Thank you for pointing it out. I am sure Nintendo regularly checks the Growtopia forums for such suggestions!



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