GrowStocks is slowly dying. Less and less people are using the website and editors count is dropping.
From its beginning, GrowStocks promised to stay the up-to-date price checker and investment tool for Growtopians. If we don't take action, I'm sad the website would become haunted by ghosts.

How can I help?
It's fairly easy:
We are recruiting. Yes, we are in need of a fresh stack of people to help us.
If you are interested, here are the available positions:

Marketing manager (is responsible for coming up with fresh ideas that will spread GrowStocks's popularity)
Editor (most important part of the team. Due to its high importance, editors are paid World Locks to edit. The current payment scheme is 5WLs/100Edits)
Motivator (totally not a joke. You are responsible of motivating our editors)
Sponsor (I doubt anyone will choose this one. But you'd be responsible of providing the World Locks that have to be paid to editors)
Support (you are responsible of responding to visitors questions via our live chat feature)
Supervisor (your job is to find wrong prices on the website)

Together, we can bring GrowStocks back to life and let Growtopia have, once again, an online price checker.
The GrowStocks team