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Hello Growtopians!

It's time to rejoice in one of the world's most celebrated events: the Chinese New Year! Have a fun and fortunate time with family and friends, and make sure you enjoy all the new blocks and items we've added (and those scrumptious cookies)! However, we are not going to have the Chinese New Year World Building Contest this year... instead we're having a Valentine's Day World Building Contest! (More details about it soon)

That's not all! The new Item of the Month is here to kick off February (and maybe even hint at its update)! Stand up to your enemies and unleash the warrior within with the new Dragon Warrior's Shield (available in random colors)!

The month has just started and more surprises are coming, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the festival, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

And as usual, do share your thoughts and feedback here.

~ NekoRei

Patch Note 2.987:

NEW Content:
Coming soon, get ready for a ton of awesome blocks and items in an all-new update!

· Dragon Warrior’s Shield – available in different colors, double jump effect

Here's a preview of CNY items you can acquire this year!

Chinese Temple Pillar - block
Growmoji Lucky Token - Growmoji
Draconic Rocket Parasol - hand clothing, double-jump, slow-fall
Extra Draconic Wings - More have been added that you can get from the Fortune Cookies.

… plus more! (you have to discover them yourselves)

It's time for another Lucky Token Raffle! Make sure to place the new Year of the Pig Lucky Token in your world for a chance of winning some awesome rewards!
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For every lucky token you place in your world you get an extra chance to win awesome rewards...

100 Lucky Winners will receive Draconic Rocket Parasol
200 Lucky Winners will receive Builder's Lock
500 Lucky Winners will receive Vending Machine
700 Lucky winners will receive 5000 Gems